Canadian murdered in Yonghe




No lol. Next to where Tutor ABC is now


Also another guy posted here some story about his angry gf rating him out for some small amount of grass or perhaps hash. I think it was that thread titled “busted by blues for green”.

Edit: yup, my memory didn’t fail me this time:


Lesson: always assume your significant other is a narc. If you’re right, you’ll stay out of jail; if you’re wrong, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Time to split this to: [Where was this? { Quiz: Taiwan}]


Last line of this song:


Such an optimistic, heartwarming message. :sunglasses:


It ain’t called the blues for nothin’.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist… :open_mouth:


Locked 22 hours a day it’s probably better to be put to death

Tragic all around of course .
Those that are murdered and those that must die


nah it’s better to be locked up, you will die anyway. Most prisons allow you to read books, do push ups etc. You’d get used to it I did


Which country?


HMYOI Aylesbury for a few years. A few weeks in an Asian one too until I was found not guilty. HMYOI was pretty bad especially 30 years ago. BTW I won’t say what offence except it was non sexual.
its survival just depends on your state of mind, many teenagers suicides generally due to getting picked on.


Which Asian country?

They put teens in the adult prisons? I’ve had to stay in some youth criminal court facilities and looking back on all those experiences are hilarious. From making sextoys out of work gloves to the general banter/teasing if you used the pool/shower was insanely comical. This was in Canada though, where there is very little gang / racial tension shit or prison rape that goes down. I would hate to spend time in an American prison.


Her Majesty’s Young Offender Institution, Aylesbury.


Ooops. Didn’t know it was a youth facility. I wonder why there’s so much bullying that leads to suicides? Is there racial tension? Or are brits just bigger dickheads?


You could YouTube a movie called Scum. It’s the origin of uphill gardening.


Are there any updates on this case? Remarks from the families of those in custody? Dates for court hearings?

I searched in Chinese and couldn’t find any new information either. The closest thing to an update was that one of the people Ryan (RIP) sold weed to got arrested on unrelated charges.

They can’t just let these guys rot in jail forever. There needs to be a proper trial. That famous lawyer was supposed to be defending the Israeli guy, right? What is going on?


If you are a poor foreigner in Taiwan and happens to go to jail before trial I guess you are f***ed


How long before they’d go to trial in any other country?
It hasn’t been that long.