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The 2 Michaels are the least of the Trudeau government’s problem. This has a lot more to do with their limpwristed approach to China.

It is a fine balance. I think the priority should be on the economy, and that is probably where it is. I don’t think the feds entertain any notion of getting the Michaels out of China while we have Meng Wanzhou. I think pissing off China on the Taiwan question will have economic consequences more than hostage consequences.

I don’t see why acquiescence to hostage diplomacy would encourage less hostage diplomacy, but I also don’t think that Ottawa bowing to China on this award will help the Michaels.

Put otherwise: nothing gained by Canada. Unless you expect Beijing to suddenly release the Michaels after Canada nixed giving Tsai Ing-wen an award.


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Sexual puritanism is alive in Nova Scotia. Having lived in France for a number of years, I just have to laugh at the peculiarities of regional Canadian culture. What is wrong with tats and bed shots? I’d never vote Liberal but she is more interesting than the pablum they usually nominate (and cleaner than Trudeau) :laughing: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Former Dartmouth South candidate says Liberals dropped her over ‘boudoir’ photos | CBC News
Robyn Ingraham | Inked Cover Girl (

Especially since the Conservatives and the right-wing press, being such broad-minded types, would never go into hysterical screaming meemies over “Liberal porn-star canditate!”

Didn’t Trudeau’s mom flash her muff at the Studio 54 back in the day?

Old joke from when Margaret Trudeau was supposed to be having an affair with Mick Jagger:
RCMP detective: We’ve analysed that yellow snow outside Parliament that says “Fuck You, Pierre”, and the good news is it’s definitely Mick Jagger’s urine.
Pierre Trudeau: Great!
Mountie : The bad news is it’s Margaret’s handwriting.

In his defence, Mick denied ever having slept with Margaret, saying she was too crazy for him (really).