Canadians of Forumosa, I have a question

Yes, this is what we are all saying. what I am adding is that the government here plays the reciprocal card on non important matters. this in turn adds to confusing certain people into thinking we should have citizenship based on reciprocal assumptions. which seems intentional, misleading and, more importantly, often assumed by the people.

My opinion is rather we should be pushing for actual means of importing people with intentions of them becoming citizens without the obvious risks that everyone knows about. The end goal of dual citizenship on equal ground is the same. but I am describing a different route of fighting for it :slight_smile:

I remember Han Cheung writing about how this KMT-era name (translatable as something like “mountain compatriots”) was challenged by Indigenous activists and finally changed. For interested forumosans, the story is here:


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Yes and one member here has taken up that issue for you all. I also said that as you have already lived here for many years why the TARC for one year before ID Card and Hukou. That should also be abolished and you get straight full citizenship with ID card and Hukou.

I was never told about the TARC and the time required to live here to get my ID. I guess they just thought I knew that back when no information was online. Show me in the current MOI site where they mention anything about going on to a TARC in their naturalization www

I would not say those other matters are not important. Citizenship though, that’s altogether a very different matter for any country.