Carrefour to take over tesco stores

crap - just what we need. less choices instead of more. even better (worse) is that carrefour’s carried products are worse than tesco’s (although i’m sure people will debate this).

really disappointed in this decision. … 2003274021

Yeah, I’m disapointed too. I’m moving to Xindian, and I really like the Xindian Tesco. They have some good stuff. Carrefour’s just not very good.


But what kind of musak do Carrefour play? That children-singing-eighties-classics-in-monotone CD that Tesco plays on a loop has been driving me crazy.

My shopping bill has actually gone down significantly since they started playing that crap. :noway:

There is just no place for all of these foreign hypermarkets … Taiwanese rather like to go to smelly wet markets and expensive convenience stores … :s

Neither of them are as bad as RT Mart expecially the disgusting quality of the “fresh” food.

This trade is capitalism with a black eye. Terrible. They come here, do all this hype, promise customers service service service, give interviews in papers saying we will build 500 more stores islandwide in future, and then bam, they fuck everyone over with this trade deal. Fuck em. Boycott all hypermarts. Shop 711 only.

I really miss Wal-Mart … they’ve got Wal-Marts in China now, why not Taiwan? :s

Actually, they’ve got a lot of good stuff in China that they don’t have in Taiwan … like Dunkin’ Donuts, Dairy Queen, Wal-Mart, the Great Wall … what gives?

I’m very disappointed. Literally just back from Tesco with stuff I like that Carrefour don’t sell. I’m British for God’s sake - need to eat baked beans on toast occasianally :slight_smile:

But then 7-11 isn’t exactly the ‘mom & pop’ underdog being squeezed by the multinational hypermarkets…

They both blow compared to Costco…No great loss. :idunno:

Costco is shite unless you take an articulated truck to bring back your three years of bulk-buy cheese. And then it’s the blandest food you have ever tasted in your life.
AND they have the cheek of making you pay for a bloody card for the privelage of buying over-priced Kirkland frozen pizza.

10 tons worth. :unamused:

F*^k*ng COSTCO. :unamused:

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Costco is shite
F*^k*ng COSTCO. :unamused:[/quote]

Maybe, but one is surviving marvelously on it’s own…And the other is being sucked up by the French. :smiling_imp:

That’s very bad news. Although I have been hugely disappointed by Tesco, at least they do sell a few own-brand items that are better than or different from those available elsewhere. It’s been good to have the extra choice for the short time that it’s lasted, but now it’ll be back to the same-as-everywhere-else range of goods in Carrefour, Wellcome and their like, and the ever diminishing range of special goodies at Jason’s.

A quick tour of Costco gives you a solid understanding of the problem with the typically American diet. I get fat just walking up and down the aisles! :astonished:

Truly a sad event in the expat shopping experience. I wonder why? :uk:

Yep and you can also notice that many of the chinese shoppers there are overweight too compared to people in typical Taiwan society.

:taz: This is MOST upsetting! :fume: …stuck in Taoyuan with 2 Carrefours! :fume:

There’s a lot of european stuff, which you can’t get at costco, which seems to only offer foods and brands known in North America.

Tesco has there filled in a gap for me. Sad to see it go.

There were rumours going around in the Belgian press about Walmart and Carrefour … someone had seen the two chairmen having lunch in Paris … so the word spread that they probably would start negotiating about a merger Walmart-Carrefour in Europe. :noway:
Unions in Belgium were very alarmed about it … :s

After all the fanfare about Tesco finallly arriving in Taichung at the end of last year…

Do I need to start buying in bulk now or is the transfer some way off? Man, I’m going to miss those jars of curry sauce.

The newspaper article said 2 months before they start changing. The deal also has to be approved by the competition first.

Now they must just close Ikea, too and I won’t have a reason for living anymore… :wink: