The Carrefour 2021 Thread

But part of what I don’t understand: OK, so another company buys Carrefour’s Taiwan business. And then what? Is it possible that company just continues to call it Carrefour, and buys Carrefour’s products to sell here, and nothing much changes from the consumer end? (Roughly akin to what seems to be happening with Citibank’s departure from Taiwan.) Or would they buy it and sell off all the assets and everything that used to be a Jason’s or a Wellcome or a Carrefour is now closed? Or are there other hypermarket / supermarket chains that are trying to move into East Asia?

That would depend on the terms of the sale. Carrefour might want their name removed, or on the other hand, might want a huge fee for their name being used.

Wasn’t TESCO taken over by Carrefour here? How long did the TESCO name last after takeover day?

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Tesco was before my time, but I’ve heard that they agreed to split up SE and E Asia. So, Carrefour got Taiwan, Tesco HK etc. Minimised competition.

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Lidl is becoming fancy in Europe, lobster, fresh produce.


‘While they’re rivals on this side of the pond, they’re still perceived as a double-threat in the domestic market that will drive the razor-thin margins of the industry down even more.’

They would certainly shake up the market here where margins are extortionist.


I don’t remember. When a Tesco opened in Tainan, I shopped there a lot for a year or so, and then the imported products mostly disappeared so I stopped going. I can’t recall if it changed into a Carrefour or something else.

To the archive!

Huh, so there were rumors about Carrefour leaving a while back, nine years ago:

On Carrefour taking over Tesco - looks like it was actually a swap with Tesco taking the Czech Republic & Slovakia stores, and Carrefour taking Taiwan. Oh, that thread mentions Marks & Spencer - weren’t they in ATT4Fun for like a month or so?

A thread that discusses Tesco in Taipei, but doesn’t go into its disappearance:

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Interesting because I think this could run afoul of monopoly laws, I doubt they will be so open to discuss this ever again.
Taiwan government obviously doesn’t care some local connected biz families licking their lips about dividing the market with Chuan Lian.

F&ck. I just envisioned these supermarkets filled with more Uni-President crap. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Now you can’t unhear it.

As long as it is not Walmart.

As long as @Brianjones 's diabolical prediction does not come true!


I think Loblaws should buy it and rebrand it to T&T大統華

I went into a Carrefour in Warsaw that didn’t even say Carrefour on it, just had the logo.

No no no…this one’s the bomb. Has me dancing every time I’m in the store, and stays in my head for at least an hour afterwards.


Wash your booty. Wash your booty. Every day.


Thanks so much for posting this haha. I was going to respond earlier to ask about this song, and I actually recorded it on my phone in PX Mart literally last night to ask a friend about it because it’s been bugging me for months.

I’d never been able to figure out whether the lyrics were in English or Chinese (turns out from the lyrics in your video it’s a mixture…ha!) or what the hell they were singing about. In the tinny speakers of my local PX Mart, what I’d been hearing for “One Two 福利” was either “shake your booty” or “spread your booty”, followed shortly afterwards by “booty show” (福利熊), none of which seemed remotely appropriate for a supermarket song.

Bloody annoying too.


Thank you. I’m not the only one who heard “booty” then.


Combination of English mode and poor quality speakers. It will never leave my head even though I can understand the song.

If you see a foreigner giggling in the aisles. It’s me


I love it!

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I’m in there constantly and I’ve managed to totally tune that out lol