The Carrefour 2021 Thread

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Jasons will remain under same name for at least two more years according to management comments in the news.

Looks like Jason’s prices have already started going down with more and different option showing up on shelves.

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Just in case anyone is wondering what’s happening next in the former Carrefour Nangang location: I saw a PX Mart singn today in the old entry area. Looks like still building… I’ll get a closer look some time and repurt back.

Has anyone been able to order anything through the Carrefour app lately? I’ve been trying to order a Brita filter, and it says that they don’t have any delivery days available next week or the following one.

It might not be the supply that’s the problem, but the delivery people (whom Carrefour cannot find) who are willing to go up to various buildings to deliver goods during the pandemic.

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Yes, I was wondering about the same. Though other delivery apps don’t seem to have the same problem.

News broke last week. Haven’t heard anything here yet.


The concrete reason is the recent interest of Canadian group Couche-Tard in taking over Carrefour:

I wonder if that meas Carrefour stores will be rebranded into OK Supermarts. :grin:

They need a cash arsenal to defend a hostile takeover basically.

Quick question. I made my first (and possibly last) online order at Carrefour a week or so ago, which is scheduled to be delivered on Monday at “anytime” and “elevator not available, leave at door”.

So how does this work? Is the delivery guy going to call me before he arrives like other couriers, or do I need to make sure I’m awake and available between like 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. for whenever he decides to show up? Will he lug the stuff up the four flights of stairs and leave it outside my door, or just stay downstairs? (I’ve got some other stuff to do on Monday, and not too inclined to wake up early to hang around the whole day for him to arrive at 5:55 p.m.)

Oh no … Jason’s gone, Wellcome gone, Tesco long long long gone. PXMart has improved a great deal over the past decade, but is that all we’re going to be left with? That and 7-11? Oh, and City Super too.

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They will call you, sometimes to see if you are there, sometimes they just show up. Delivery times are 9am-9pm. Normally he’d lug it up, but during L3 they leave it downstairs. They leave it inside the door, sometimes on the first half-flight for some reason. If you don’t buzz them in, they’ll call and tell you they’ll come back later. If someone else lets them in, you’ll come home to melted ice cream.
Also, they may come the next day, or the one after that.

Tesco was barely here. If Carrefour is taken over by PX Mart (who’s delivery system is stupid) or someone else who can’t run it properly (like RT Mart or A Mart) I’m leaving Taiwan. Carrefour and Wellcome had the only good delivery systems, then just Carrefour. If I have to go to an actual store and buy things again, I don’t want to live here anymore.


Who keeps buying all the baked beans?


It seems a bit odd to buy Wellcome and then consider ceasing operations in Taiwan. The Wellcome near me is closed at the moment while they rebrand it.

Question to Canadian posters: Is Couch-Tard any good? I like its name.


Thanks! All of that sounds pretty irritating - I think I’ll just be going back to physically visiting Carrefour in the future…

That’s the weird thing, they aren’t even a grocery store. They are primarily a convenience store operator.

They run Couche Tard, OK Mart, but they call it Circle K and Mac’s, but I think they are phasing that one out.


I can follow the logic of buying Wellcome as a kind of Tesco Extra operation, they already have some Carrefours that are like that. The timing is odd, though.

Perhaps, as another poster suggested, Carrefour is desperately building up a war chest against a surprise hostile takeover.

I don’t know much about Couche-Tard, so not sure how they are going to run Carrefour should they take control of it.

Went to Jason’s the other day.
Their prices have always been outrageous, but sometimes they would have something interesting in stock. The selection now is glaringly all Carrefour branded items. The store itself, outside and inside still looks as a Jason’s. Crazy thing is, all the Carrefour branded things have the marked up Jason’s prices. Carrefour is 2 blocks away. Can buy the same stuff there at almost half the cost.

Wellcome used to sell the leftover / near expiration stock from Jason’s. Could find good deals occasionally. Now it’s all Carrefour branded stuff.

The meat at Wellcome, before the takeover, was always superior to Carrefour…produce too. It’s all going downhill fast. Will stick to open markets for produce now.

City Super seems to be our last bastion of hope for imported goods (albeit insanely overpriced). But even they stopped carrying a lot of western brands and have recently been mostly Japanese and Korean goods.

PXmart near me is a moldy, cramped basement market with barely enough room for 1 person in each aisle.

RT Mart feels…ghetto, very ghetto to me. Like a K Mart or worse. They have a few “ok” things, but most of their things are just cheap junk.


You must have an exceptional Wellcome. The meat in my one has never been nearly as good as that in a large Carrefour. Same with the produce.


must have…but not anymore.

I’ve been to better Carrefours with better produce and meat. Just, the one near me sucks.