Returning home to the UK

豆花 is da bomb!
Favorite treat during the hot summer months.

Great Taiwan food at Bao in Soho. Yum.

I have to disagree here. It’s terrible in Taiwan. But I agree with British pastries

No, they came around 2005 and left around a year later.


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Earlier than that. I was shopping at a Tesco in Tainan in 2001, although by 2004 or so I’d mostly given up as it carried fewer and fewer imported goods.

The thread linked below is from 2002. Next thread below that is about the handover to Carrefour, which seems to have wrapped up in 2006.

i literally moved back to London this morning (from Taipei), going to start looking for jobs soon…

As many have said it is the best city in world if you have money, otherwise not so much. But for me its also home.

Im not ruling out going back to Taiwan in future, we’ll see :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s fair - I don’t think much would beat living near Holland Park, personally. Bit out of reach for me though. Da’an Park on the other hand…

Gosh its been so long since i was in london, im thnking 1992 (i think) here. And i tried to take the tube once and i literally don’t know how anyone could even get into the tube station. It must have been like the MRT after the Dec 31st fireworks. Was insane. I didn’t take the tube.

I can’t imagine its better now? OR maybe it is as it can’t be worse I think.

as they say in taiwan…good ruck.

Nah it’s still heavily crowded - Tokyo-ites on the Yamanote think they have it bad

No aircon either, ventilation is dependent on the trains piston effect causing positive pressure and vacuum. Having a bottle of water is essential in summer.

the MRT has aircon but i dunno how people cope in the above ground sections in summer while drinking is banned on the train. Travelling from Tamsui to Yuanshan onwards the train must get toasty, without water it would be awful.

You think these

are terrible?

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Yes, I don’t like them. Everything besides pineapple cakes. But I’m not a big pastry guy. Don’t really like desserts besides a few things.

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Fair enough, not to be the language police, but not liking desserts is quite a bit different to saying “Taiwan desserts are terrible”. The former suggesting a personal preference whereas the latter is saying that they are all bad and no one will like them.

Bee removed from bonnet.

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I just don’t get how anyone could prefer some disgusting, overly sweet English crap over something delightful like a taro cake roll.

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So many great cakes and pastries on the ROC

Here we pay five bucks for a small piece of cake and any cookie or pastry is three bucks and up

Paid 14 bucks at a small Taiwanese restaurant yesterday for a lurohfan lunch box

Was good but that’s only about 3 bucks in Taiwan

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3元?! Where’s this? I assume not in Taipei, I haven’t seen anything that cheap.

Bucks denotes US dollars
I’m in California

I love cake but those don’t appeal to me at all.


What kind of cakes do you like then?