China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?

I took a flight with China Airlines Air China and I was annoyed but its overall crappiness (seriously, it’s an international flight!) but also by their “about us” section in the computer thing every seat has. They have to put their propaganda everywhere!

Recently they’ve been trying to push USA airlines to put Taiwan as a region of China in their websites and show “Taiwan, China” in announcement boards.

This international boycott also has direct effect on foreigner residents in Taiwan, for their countries of origin don’t have a normal relationship with Taiwan, leaving these residents without certain benefits they would have if they had emigratated to other countries that have diplomatic relations with their countries of origin.

I’m aware that we can do little to nothing for changing things, but I still think that we should do something about this.

Letters to China? to airlines? to media? to our countries? explaining on Internet what the situation is? making it to the Chinese Internet and giving them a polite fuck off? a not so polite one?

Do you mean Air China?

If people are not sure what to do, at the very least stop financially supporting them. I know others will undoubtedly come say its impossible, its not. With the exception of more elaborate equipment that will have some Chinese components, do far I have never come across a thing I cannot find made in another country.

Others will say that done countries also have poor human rights. Difference being they are not actively trying to spread, conquer, and be all parasitic in the scale China does.

Don’t buy made in China, you might not get the brand you prefer but its not the end of the world. Could also write letters to companies explaining your not buying their products. People think it won’t work. O my one person isn’t enough. If that was true apple factories would not be switching to sustainable energy as one example.

The worst thing to do is nothing. Fuck china :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right. The funny thing is that the flight number was CA 190 soemthing. CA.

I actually think China’s recent push to undermine Taiwan is kinda backfireing. People seem to sick of China’s bullying tactics from private businesses and the international community. There seem to be more support for Taiwan because people see what China is doing and is sympathetic to a democratic elected government that China is bullying. Taiwan has been on the news a lot and more and more people from politicians and businesses and gov organization seem to be sick of China’s bullying because it’s a lose lose for them

Also don’t fly air China. Plenty of other airlines that’s much better. I always fly Eva.


I’ve been saying and trying to do that for years. Companies like Huawei, Lenovo are easy big targets to avoid, but it gets difficult with Chinese companies buying up many foreign businesses. Motorola, or Moto, being an example where I failed that rule a couple years ago.

It’s always EVA for me as well.

As sick of China as people nay seem, if they can save $10NT on some cheap from the store those morals go right out the window 9 times out of 10. They are rich directly because we buy their shit. Stop that, we can.make some progress. That involves people being less lazy, less selfish, less wasteful and less greedy.

No one is saying it will be easy. But the longer the world waits, the more its going to hurt.

I’d pay more to avoid Chinese product and services. It’s worth it in my eyes. You get what you pay for.


I’m going to boycott all Chinese food.


I’d love to avoid buying from China so that I don’t have to stand there and watch production. If only I could get Taiwanese companies to move and give me a quote, then I would buy here. It takes a month to get a quote here, and one day in China. Every day I hit these kinds of walls and it is frustrating because prices are going up in China so Taiwan can compete on price/quality in many areas.

Government can’t save Taiwan or any country for that matter. The old-style guys running the companies here don’t compete because they have already made their money. A new class of business people who can see that there is more to the world besides China is what we need.


I wouldn’t believe you aikalil except I experienced exactly what you are saying a few years ago when trying to get stuff manufactured in Taiwan. They just didn’t care.

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I will say that recently I bought some bike parts from a Taiwan based seller using Ruten and it shipped direct from China. The Taiwan seller was just a middle man. So I typed in the original sellers Taobao page and it opened the door to an an entire world of interesting bike parts and professional presentation and listed specifications that is not as common on the Taiwan commerce sites. Ironically a lot of the stuff was originally manufactured in Taiwan as well.

I think China is ruining any chance of Taiwan reunify with them. People I talk to are pretty upset at China more than ever. Even the most a political Taiwanese have also express negative feelings towards China these days. I honestly hate the CCP and especially the reunification crowd here living in Taiwan. How can anyone living in Taiwan think that the Taiwanese and the mainland are compatible.

Taiwanese people have the right to self determination. I’m tired of hearing the but we are Chinese arguement. I don’t care about the ethnicity, we Taiwanese have a fundamental difference in our opinion of how we should be governed and it’s not under an oppressive regime controlled by basically a emperor that gives no shit about human rights. China needs to forget thier idiotic dream of completing their empire with Taiwan. It’s not going to happen unless they come with their entire military.

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I think China is trying to force Taiwan’s hand.

The issue fundamentally boils down to, would the Taiwanese be better off if it was part of China?

The obvious losses to the average Taiwanese would be, reduced freedom of speech, risk of arbitrary arrest, lower environmental standards etc., and for what? What would be gained?

Average guy or gal would gain nothing. Maybe if the Chinese government promised to buy them all off with direct payments of cash.
Money is a God here after all. Wouldn’t buy everybody though.

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Agree, some money would do it. But, a) would the chinese government be prepared to pay the required amount b) would the Chinese citizens accept that the Taiwanese who are significantly wealthier than the chinese are getting a handout.

Won’t happen, Taiwan already saw what happened in hk.

I agree with about manufacturing, its the hardest part in Taiwan and they constantly just keep shooting themselves in the foot. That said me, and many others, ha e carved out a pretty good business in exporting and being the guy on the ground here to deal with all the locals and factory bullshit. But im pretty sure grey hair and premature baldness is in my future…

This sounds a bit uninformed. China has a lot of money. And There are very, very, very wealthy people in China, more than in Taiwan. And salaries in key cities in China are paired with salaries in USA.

That was not my point. My point was that would they be prepared to make the required transfers and would it be politically feasible considering the vast majority of Chinese are poorer