China surrounding Taiwan now...Is this for real?

If you’re happy and you know it…GRIMACE!


I doubt if 67% could find it on the map. “Oh, yeah, my niece went to Bangkok on her honeymoon…”


More like 67% of people who were polled. Any idea on the size of the pool people were polled from?


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The attacks on Hong Kong democracy targets are symptoms if a bigger malaise. To counterattack them would require to compromise democratic values and would face a lot of opposition from the blue opposition - pro China camp.

One of the things that stayed with me of the DW piece is that the incursion flights by China drain Taiwan’s resources and wear down the planes. The attacks from inside do the same for people’s morale and trust in the Government.

I keep comparing to the wars in Central America and I fear the next step is to destabilize the society from within.

As I said in the other thread, these attacks that seem not to be deadly, actually are mortiferous in the long run:
Ok, the problem with these cowards is that they play the line. I mean, what stops them from this being a bomb or something worse, like a deadly pathogen a la Russian spy? They do this so “innocuous” so they can argue it is only shit, while at the same time staking their power and striking fear in their opponents hearts. It is malicious and disgusting and outright evil, playing democratic values for fools.

How many of these operatives are there? How many useful idiots? How many puppets to the regime? If we do not stop them now, how can we stop them when the order is given to attack from within? They can organize terrorist attacks against Taiwanese, cause chaos inside while PLA attacks from outside. This is really bad.

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