China to "resolve Taiwan problem" by 2020


China to “resolve Taiwan problem” by 2020
Keep that topic in mind folks.


[quote=“ac_dropout”]Tempo Gain,

No need. But can I borrow World History for Dummies from your library so I can be on the same page as you. hahaha.


This from the guy who called Saddam an “elected dictator?”



Retired politician Jiang says he’s going to kick the butts of our girlie men seperatist in 2020. Our response was to increase investment into the PRC.

Something is wrong if that is our response to military threats from the PRC.[/quote]

yet another logic lesson for dropout.

the government’s response was to purchase weapons from the us to defend taiwan. increased investment in the prc is not government policy and in fact is something many members of the current government are dead set against.

your false analogy would be akin to me saying “bush called iran one of the axis of evil and their response was to purchase more american music and movies!”



That’s the whole irony.

ROC response was we are discussing if we will purchase USA military goods at that price.

The citizens of ROC was, forget that, let’s put our assets in the PRC.

Of the course the ROC government is all confused on how to tax the money so they can have more money to discuss if we should purchase weapons.

It just shows how little confidence we have in our own government at this time. Or how much confidence we have in the PRC to enrich us.


I hope not. Unless you agree with everything.


Um … without any posts in this thread in the past 14 years, you may want to add a little more context than that. (Unless there was context that’s been deleted?)


Yeah, not sure what Shiadao means. But here’s a very recent article about the same issue. Looks like the target date has been pushed back to 2030. As if any of these predictions should be believed…


Don’t log in or sign up to facebook unless you agree with everything? I’m not sure what I would need to agree with, so I’ll just stay here at Forumosa. :slight_smile:


Rats I was hoping to get my pension before that.


Darn, I was saying that it would be 2020 since 1997.
Pooh bear!





Actually, I believe threads that make predictions about future years (or decades) should be reanimated when the predictions are almost due.

This one’s just a little premature, so we need a year’s supply of popcorn. :popcorn: