Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


i love christmas. its also the time of year i go home to england and have a well earned rest so theres that. the turkey and tv watching is cool too. although buying presents is a chore but i think its preferable and less costly compared to giving hong bao.


Saw a similar scene in Xizhi.


Went to pick up my food for the New Year, yeah. Just in time as finding lunch and coffee today was an adventure. They are taking the break seriously in my neck of the woods.

Only complaint so far is my Internet is crawling. Don’t know why. Too slow to watch Netflix and the other ehem alternative sources of entertainment are also stuck. In theory I pay for 20 and I am getting 0.4.


Ugh fireworks have started.


Drove down to the in-laws in record time. Been here just shy of an hour now and I’m bored out of my mind. Typical CNY traffic jams would have been preferable.

We’re watching a TV show about Japanese people eating a lot. I’m on my third g & t. Haven’t received the look from the wife, yet.


So weird not doing anything but eat and well, do nothing.

I kinda miss work (not really lol)


CNY is a bummer when you’re too old to get the hongbao. And on top of that, you have to give them out! Growing up sucks.

My family is about 80% women so the group that gets together today is always small. Actually, it should be even smaller, and I technically shouldn’t even be here today, but my aunt is a widow and my mother married an American, so here we are. We got nowhere else to go.

Tomorrow my married cousins and the babies will come so it will be a lot more fun…


Where are the fireworks? I’ve heard none.


Heard some go off an hour ago. 10 min later cops on scooters drove up and said something to the group setting off the firecrackers. The group packed up and left. It’s been quiet ever since.

Wonder if there are some new regulations being enforced this year.
(Sanxia, NTPC)


She means firecrackers


Well, so much for quiet. Firecrackers and fireworks are going off all over the place now. Sounds like a warzone out there.


Have not seen any driving around Taipei for an hour.

Shilin night market is open.


Fang bian pao


Happy new year everyone


Ximenting 25% open.


I must have gotten lucky…my wife’s mom’s cooking is pretty good, even the wine chicken. And her dad likes to drink nice whisky with me. This year I made everyone some steak…it was the first empty plate. We’ll go home tonight though and eat our own food the rest of the week… thankful for that.




I just got, gently, thrown out. It was bound to happen eventually. Cigar by the river for me.