Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Yeah I feel the same. Tensions were high. Khabib caused the melee but Conor had been pushing things too far for too long. They should get small fines and Khabib maybe six month suspension.

The guys who came into the cage to attack a tired, confused McGregor who had just lost a fight are a disgrace. You can’t set precedents for this type of behavior. They should definitely be punished and cut. They won’t avoid punishment by not taking responsibility and then threatening the boss.

Meatheads and the fans saying otherwise are also primates


he isn’t kicking off about money. he is kicking off about his team mate potentially being fired, which if you have been paying attention is being handled by UFC. khabib sees full well how ufc works - become a top star, act like a wanker and don’t get punished(he never tried these antics before). so he is doing it too. this is the message ufc have been sending to all its talent by letting conor get away with anything he wants. you need to check your bias mate. both guys have participated in a whole lot of nonsense.


you keep saying the other incidents are irrelevant but they are not irrelevant to khabibs post. he is including the bus incident ect. so try reading the post first.


Haha. Seriously you are showing insane bias. I’m just giving you the rational response. Like Luke Thomas said, it’s hard to even understand where you are coming from.

Conor is a tool. Irrelevant to his teammate attacking a fighter in a cage. No amount of fanboi mental gymnastics will change that.

Conor built leverage and then slowly abused. Khabib has taken the nuclear option and threatened the UFC if they don’t back down to his ridiculous demands.

This never works out for the fighters, see Tito Ortiz. Dana won’t back down. The only person who he backed down to a little was Conor. But Conor at least understood the game enough that he wouldn’t send a message like that.


Because khabib is using meathead logic. Any adult making a judgement won’t see things his way. He is from a tribal honor culture. That’s why everyone is saying that Conor punching first or other acts are irrelevant. We are talking about a non sanctioned fighter attacking a compromised sanctioned fighter in the cage. It’s reprehensible and no amount of “yeah but…He bla black” changes that.

I know Conor is a bit of a dickhead but try to be impartial


Conor’s a dick. Who didn’t know that? If khabib has a thin skin, shouldn’t have asked to fight him. Did he expect Conor to not do his usual antics?

I wish I had a chance to lock myself in a cage with everyone who pissed me off like that. He did. Fucked him up. Took his belt.

The guys coming in after the fight even if you leverage what Conor did, does not justify it. No way. No one is excusing Conor being a crazy dick. We all know that. I can ever understand khabib going after the other guys. But the guys coming in to attack after the fight when he’s just gone a few rounds and tired and obviously kinda disoriented. That’s scum bag shit.

Also, pro sports is a business of entertainment. Conor has the top 5 most watched ppv. You think khabib is going to reach top 5 even after this unless it’s a rematch?

Just business mate, Conors act imo is just business. He’s trying to sell fights and get paid.




Yeah, but if he can’t deliver on the fight, his value drops precipitously. Him vs Anderson Silva? GTFOOH. GSP? Stop. Full stop. Who can he hype a fight with and win?


Just Nate. Tony outstrikes and outworks him. Woodley mushes his face in. Conner has talked himself into a box. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at least Bisping, who talked a LOT of shit and was/is a right prick, could back it up with a well executed fight plan. And…lest you forget, GSP easily took his belt.

Maybe Aldo, but that will not do the numbers he’s used to so he will never take the fight. It’s really too bad, as it was the Aldo fight that started this whole nonsense. I say Aldo takes his time and ruins his legs forever…if it happens.


What’s he going to say but he’s going to win the fight. And I think he believes it.

Tell you what though. I’d rather pay for his next fight than khabib. McGregor is entertaining.


The holes in his game are enormous. Weak TDD, no ability to get back up, and to counter his left hand, uhm, move to your left. Good luck on the next fight. I’m sure the pressers and weigh ins will be entertaining.


I just wanted to remind you of this. :whistle:


Love him or hate him, everyone still talks about him.

You think khabib is will sell fights to anyone but people who are really into the sport? People like fighters with personality. Khabib is rather boring to me. And his don’t insult my religion of peace or I’ll jump over and fight everyone crew is even more annoying.


I don’t think it’s a gimmick, and I’d bet no one talks shit about his religion again. lol

As for selling fights to people not into the sport, that’s why there are stupid fights all the time. Thats’s why Brock Lesner gets a title shot for doing nothing, and John Jones gets one after being popped once again for STDs…or whatever. The casual fans ruin the sport.


Well as someone who had to sell tickets for a mma event. Casual fans make it possible that it’s not in some garage anymore. They are who we marketed towards. The hardcore fans already bought the tickets day one.

So perhaps this is why our minds are different. I see it from the business perspective.


That’s interesting, but I hope you can see that your casual relationship with MMA has led you to think flash and gab beats superior technique in a fight. Yet you want more of it. :idunno:



I’ve cornered fights, I’ve been in multiple fights myself. I’ve trained with pros. I’ve had to put together a pro event. I’m just saying I find Conor more entertaining, and there’s a balance between selling fights and keeping your hardcore fans happy.

I much rather catch a fight in Thailand for a few bhats then most mma fights anyways.


OK< let’s change my statement to your “business relationship with mma has seemingly led you to believe that flash and gab and butts in the seats is more important than the fact that the run up to a fight is not as important to anyone but the business side of things and the casual than the actual fight is to the actual (need not be hardcore) fan.”

And kudos on taking fights and being involved.:+1:

But still, yew were way way off in your prediction, which I suppose was caused by your perception that smacktalk means anything when the cage door closes? lol

Cheers. :banana:


Bullshit. Tony’s striking is sloppy.

Conor beats anyone at 155 not named khabib. Conor has top tier tdd.

The amount of revisionism because he lost a fight is laughable.


I don’t understand why you’re saying Conor has huge holes in his game like you can’t say this for all mma fighters. Conor is athletic superior and has good counter and intuition. Khabibs style beats Conor’s, but don’t act like Conor’s not one of the more complete fighters in mma. How many can you say is truly a master of multiple aspect of mma.


Yep, styles make fights. Conor’s defecit in wrestling means it’s hard for him to be competitive with Khabib.

Tony would be a tougher fight for Khabib, but I think Conor steamrolls Tony. MMA math doesn’t work.