Coronavirus Open Thread 2022


A certain neoliberal pioneer (in)famously declared “There is no such thing as society.”

Individual responsibility! You’re on your own.

Some of us, in contrast, think this is unacceptable, especially concerning public health. We’re part of various overlapping collective groups that need to work together. We work better together if we’re healthy. Vaccines (and indeed nothing) can guarantee this outcome. But to to extend that they help get us closer, I support broad based vaccination as a social good, and I will do so unapologetically.


Its a good point… Is Cancer really nature? Maybe… or maybe it’s an unnatural reaction to continued ingestion of artificial toxins

Was cancer present thousands of years ago? I truly don’t know (haven’t tried to search anything)

Diabetes surely would be another one. Is that nature? Or the body’s unnatural reaction to continued poisoning with processed unnatural sugars?

Dealing with any illness should be nature BUT if you ‘deal’ with it through article means or inappropriate channels’. Vaccines, and in particular, Covid vaccines are surely very unnatural AND inappropriate - why else would your body have a bad reaction to a vaccine? (and nearly everybody has had a bad reaction of some form to this vaccine). The intensity and duration of the ‘bad reaction’ then depends on your body’s own natural ability to restore a normal harmony

We’ve forgotten how to deal with illnesses, we’ve all been ‘sold’ instant remedies that are only designed to remove symptoms, never addressing the route causes.

Fevers - we sweat… that is your body pushing the toxins out… it’s a great thing to do
What does Pharma do for us? Take this tablet… it’ll stop your fever, stop your sweating - it stops your body from doing the most important task of removing the toxins - Of course Pharma doesn’t want that, you’ll be healthy again when the toxins have been removed.

Jumping back to @wingedpant “you should be terrified of the virus” No, certainly not - Do I “think the spike protein is harmful”? Most certainly yes I do

Some of you will think I’m a fruitcake, others will surely agree with me - that’s fine, happy with that, and I do not wish anyone ill, or wish to label them with inappropriate names.

If I cause a single spark of doubt in anyone’s mind, that they might start to see through the smokescreens, that’ll be my job done for today.


Sounds like communism.
You no doubt back the WHO with its International Health Regulations. Countries are signing up to it now. It will ensure global health under the control of WHO Director-General Tedros.
Just swell. Perhaps Beijing will have its say, or creature Gates. Shanghai lockdowns declared by Tedros for the social good.

I’m sure it was there on rare occasions, but it’s extremely rare in modern hunter gatherer tribes. So I’d guess you are right about it being primarily a product of our diet, lifestyle and environment. Diabetes too.

Thousands of years ago? Most people died before 50, no? Cancer hadn’t the time in nearly all people to come into effect, me thinks.


Of course, both things can be true. You’re right that more people die of cancer because they’re not dying of other things first. But the other stuff, like dirty air and water and shitty food and smokes and booze, also increases cancer


Warfare and violence make the average much lower. Some people still had long lives. Modern hunter gatherers average around 70 years I think.

It’s people’s duty to look after themselves. How else are these vaccines meant to work?

I took three vaccines to reduce symptoms if I contract Omicron. This was a selfless act on my part for society as a whole.

I’m really not following this logic.

I do not. That corrupt venal organization has absolutely NOT acted collectively in the best interests of Taiwan.


Now it seems that North Korea have recorded 6 deaths.

" … Korean Central News Agency said on Friday that more than 350,000 people were treated for fever that had “explosively” spread nationwide since late April and that 162,200 people had recovered…"

I wonder what “isolation” and “Lockdown” entails in North Korea.

Did these guys get Sputnik or other vaccines?


It’s a lot like taco Tuesdays

North Korea yesterday: We have detected ONE case of Omicron in our glorious nation!

North Korea today: Yeah, actually there’s half a million infected already. Sorry our bad lol


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Wow. Have you taken biology or chemistry up to a high school level?

Cancer is natural, yes. Some of it is purely genetic. Babies can get cancer. Foetuses in the womb can get cancer. Animals in the wild get cancer.

It has been present throughout all of human history.

Why is cancer increasing? Mostly because we are living longer. Environmental factors absolutely can increase risk, but most cancer is simply due to old age.

Diabetes can also be natural (type I).

Anyway, the point is that “natural” is not inherently better. Nature is brutal and unforgiving and most of it is incredibly unhealthy for human beings.

What does very unnatural and inappropriate mean? And what bad reaction? Can you be more specific with your concerns?

After the Covid vaccines, your body has an inflammatory response, which is exactly what happens when you are exposed to a pathogen. That’s PART of the immune response. The fever, aches, sore arm - it’s all part of the immune response.

We haven’t forgotten anything. People are living much longer than they used to DESPITE often living very unhealthy lives. Even some obese, diabetic who sits around all day will still live into their 70’s thanks to modern medicine.

Nothing is “pushed out”. Where do you think it’s pushed out? What toxins?

A fever is an inflammatory response which serves two functions. The first is to help your immune system to work better. The second is to potentially slow down the replication of pathogens in the body.

Antipyretics (like paracetamol, ibuprofen etc) serve a purpose. I don’t personally take them when I have a fever because I can usually tough it out. But some people don’t want to feel terrible when they have a fever. Nobody is cramming the pills down your throat. But the option exists if you want to suffer less.

This is like saying you won’t eat a raisin scone because raisins are bad, then then eating an entire bag of raisins. The virus replicating itself 100’s of billions of times throughout your mouth, nose, lungs and blood vessels is a far worse spike protein exposure than a small amount injected into your shoulder muscle.

I don’t think you are a fruitcake. Totally ignorant, yes. But hopefully you are open minded enough to learn.

Since these vaccines don’t really cut down on transmission, I really don’t care about anybody’s status. If the anti-vax people in this forum want to stay unvaccinated, that’s fine by me.

However, those people should not be free to spread misinformation which can harm others. If someone is saying vaccines are dangerous or don’t work, that is potentially harmful misinformation and they deserve to be called out.

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I don’t think you can be so sure about cancer. Surely everyone gets cancer eventually if they live long enough. But environmental, dietary and pathogenic paths to cancer seem more and more likely as our research continues. Telomere degradation seems to shorten life but also protects against cancer as we age. So many unanswered questions to state anything about cancer with certainty IMO.

Over a year ago, the corporate sponsored pharma gophers were telling the public the shots were 100% effective. They don’t say that now. That was misinformation. But that doesn’t count for them.
They could say the shots are still in the testing phase, though.


Pretty much exactly like what Chris Martenson said way back in early 2020.

The US funded the Wuhan lab for gain of function research, and when accident happened, the US obliged Chinese request to hid related early viral genomic sequences from the NIH database.

If this wasn’t a lab leak, none of the actions from those involved from Chinese and US sides could be explained.


Cherry on top was the video of Dear Leader inspecting pharmacies…while wearing two normal medical masks. The Taiwanese tv news presenter was making a big point that they do not have N95s in North Korea, not even for their Dear Leader.