Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

Don’t worry. I’m sure that finger is fully vaxxed.

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I hope that finger did seven days homestay. The finger has been in Kaoshiung.

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No, no…he’s talking about quarantining in a manor.


Easy, there will be thousands of new cases every day.

I’m doing that inside the gym now.

You need to smell it to find out.

I can get behind this.

I may have expressed this opinion to the MP.


I could use one of those. :upside_down_face:



is this saying they sent 34 students to a quarantine center? and the parents aren’t very thrilled because they just suddenly got a message saying, pack your shit it’s time to go quarantine?

Then it says the driver for the quarantine taxi wasn’t even wearing his mask properly…

You can check out the photos of the quarantine center…enjoy your stay…

and people are trying to tell me…this isn’t happening? ok.


It’s the United Daily talking about Kaohsiung situation. I wouldn’t be that quick to judge…

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This has to be so scary for these kids and their families. They need to stop this.


Why not? What do you mean?

No way my kid would be going alone.

I’d go with them too.

Makes no sense just taking the kid. That is why I think something is missing from the piece. Is this one of those private boarding schools where kids do not go home even if it is just to change uniforms? If they were exposed and went home, the whole household should better be isolated.

This is the big issue when they close down whole schools. If you pull that thread, then you gotta test/quarantine whole communities.

It is just that pro blue media has a tendency to paint the opposition in the less flattering way. Also, these guys are known for leaking stuff before pressers- and that is problematic.

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Never mind.

Dude, can you please post a trigger warning for articles like that?? There’s an explicit photo of a Taiwanese quarantine facility meal in there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


To be honest, that place and the food looks way better than the place they threw me into and the food they gave me when I quarantined last year.