Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

If it really is voluntarily, that’s a good doctor. :+1:

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It does seem in this case like the doctor/clinic actually chose to cover it, rather than letting the patients themselves be extorted? Whether they were encouraged to do so or it’s just generosity or turning bad PR into good PR, who knows.


It’s not good PR at all. I somehow wonder if politicians are involved/in bed with those covid insurances that pay out money if you get infected.

Wha due date do these insurances have? That could be a major sloth of corruption going on there.
Usually insurces and banks are hand in hand. So maybe this whe farce is forced by a we cannot fail out banking system because if we admit real cobid numbers we have to bail out banks for offering stupid insurances.

It’s quite easy anyhow. If there will be no outbreak similar to other countries, they are lying. If there will be huge numbers that whole thing right now wasn’t worse it. Taiwan is right now in a lose/lose position.

For the clinic, and relatively. It’s better PR to cover the bill when all your patients get locked up than it is for all your patients to get locked up and have to pay for it themselves.

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Ugh. Obviously the people affected shouldn’t have to pay anything for this.

A few tweets from today’s press conference about quarantine costs, but they don’t seem directly about the Pingdong situation; I’ll just copy in the relevant posts from a longer thread. “Cover the cost” is reassuring (but it shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place); ditto “goal is ppl will not have to pay anything”; but “contribute to the cost” leaves more wriggle room than I’d like to see.

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No, also not for the clinic. Other businesses seeing the clinic forking out so much cash will be afraid and do their best to hide any case. If you want to destroy small business, this right now is your best bet.

I’m really starting to think the situation is actually out of control right now with 100.000 cases or so today but covering this up results in those problems. Otherwise I cannot see how a country can take such measures without politicians stepping in.

Ok. I disagree.

If this had happened in Europe or America, there would be a huge uproar. Any chamber of commerce and pro business organization would terrorise the government.

Also right now 90 percent live in unsuitable places, it’s one room and bathroom per person!

So those phrases by the minister can be put on a pinwall of I’m here to confuse everyone.

And contribute to the cost? Contribute to get unedible food? Get them to have deliveries brought up as they arrive! Microwaves in every quarantine room besides sports equipment, and so on. This stinks like crazy.


Hmm. Even so, they probably felt under some pressure to do it. If their patients weren’t being hauled away by the authorities for absolutely no good reason, they would have been able to spend that money on something more useful.

I just skimmed it with google translate, but it seems the article doesn’t mention whether the doctor had symptoms or had a confirmatory test? One wonders if the whole charade is occurring because of a false positive.


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Here you go. Official national news. Fully English. Clear as day. The CECC is reimbursing you.


AFAIK from all this, you still may still have to pay the full amount upfront, and then receive some amount in return. When that reimbursement occurs, I do not know.

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And the worst thing is, what if you are unable to pay the hotel upfront because you simply do not have the money? Ask CECC to pay upfront?

Jesus. How many times are you going to ask the same question? You live in Taipei, right? All indications are that the government has been covering this, is covering it, and will continue to cover it. In the unlikely events that (i) you do get targeted for mandatory quarantine and (ii) they ask you to pay for it, you appear not to have the money to pay for it upfront anyway, so you’d presumably need to tell them that and they’ll deal with it somehow. I don’t think they’re going to throw you in some kind of debtors dungeon. Stop worrying about it…


So going forward they should just handle it. Hopefully you don’t have to pay and get reimbursed.

I’m happy to see they are going to pay. Firstly because that is the minimum they should do, so let’s not give them any credit for this. Secondly because that means the policy will end pretty fast once we have a serious outbreak.

Remember too, if you live alone, quarantine (for close contacts) at home is the norm and you don’t need to worry about quarantine in a different facility.


Don’t you have your own place anyway, with your own toilet that you fixed?


So if you earn 10K/day they will reimburse you for lost wages?

I highly fucking doubt it.


Do your work remotely then.

From the video, news reporter translating Chen’s remarks (1.38):

[ Retroactive to December 14]"…if you have been identified as a contact of a case, your additional costs from that will be paid. Whether the local government has already paid, or you paid that yourself, the central government will take care of the fees."

Yeah, doubting that “additional costs” refer to lost income.

It also appears that you may need to fork the costs out yourself and chase the government for the money later. Not sure how long that will take.

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