Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

If they come up with money it’s not a problem. And I mean real money, not the pity sum they gave out this time.

And word is the mask outdoor thing will remain in place, because the government must make a TON of money fining people for taking the mask off for even a split second to catch his breath in this weather.


United let them board.

I have a really bad gut feeling that we’re not going to go level 2…I think it’ll be like level 2.4.

I’m having a hard time mentally dealing with this endless lockdown. I didn’t think id be so depressed, but now im starting to see the negative effects of prolonged lockdowns.

I can’t even go out in the sun to enjoy the weather because breathing in a mask during intense heat is so difficult. You’ll get fined for even sitting at the park and drinking a beer alone with nobody around. The south has been very conservative with opening exercise venues, so I can’t help but watch my Taipei friends exercising in the gym while feeling absolutely helpless. I can’t do a single thing I enjoy doing…


You can find free tests now. I took an RT-PCR test at the Walgreens drive thru which was sent to a lab. It took 2 days. Same day testing is still quite expensive.

are you talking about US or Taiwan?

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Absolute shit isnt it? I cant even really cycle because in this heat it is bollocks with a face diaper on (ive taken to going at night now). And cant take it off, even if it seems noone is around because all it takes is one Karen to see and report.


Yeah, this story was discussed earlier but I particularly enjoyed the phrasing here.

If we keep up the masking and increased vaccination rates, soon we’ll all be back to having sex with five people per week.


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95% unemployed. It is worse than I thought.

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How many is OK in Level 2?

No more than 100 in a room though you need to wear masks and have real name information which could be the limiting factor here.


US Walgreens.

I live near Ximending and have seen this in my two or three urgent outings in the last two months. I don’t have much hope TBH

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Haha sure. Not talking about US. Other countries had way more testing, accessible and cheaper. Taiwan has just now got that part right.


711 apparently knows I’m dead on the inside.


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An interesting summary for your perusal