Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

This is something I definitely don’t think should be relaxed. This is how we get Delta.


New Taipei City Presser under way at present.

My partner says that the Mayor says NO and that level 3 is to remain in New Taipei.

NTC no indoor dining.


Hopefully at some point someone can summarize everything. So far I gather…. nothing is changing in Taipei and New Taipei, right?

Being considered for the future, but certainly not happening now. I posted about it over here:


Wow completely predictable! Mayoral flex round…ugh idk anymore


Nothing’s changing till next week anyway. New Taipei City seems to be announcing, as we speak, that restaurants won’t be open - but presumably some of the other things will be opening up. I haven’t heard anything yet about what Taipei City will do.

EDIT: Definitely don’t do what I’ll probably waste my afternoon doing, keeping track of various twitter threads for the next few hours. The dust won’t settle on whatever’s going to change for a few days.


So are we saying that local politicians have unilaterally decided that we’ll stay at “Level 3.5”, regardless of any CECC announcements to the contrary?

Any links to this?

So far it seems as if NTC will not reopen places where masks are not worn (such as restaurants). I will update once there is more info, the NTC presser just started…


Supposedly relaxing of restrictions for New Taipei are in following order:

  1. Outdoor activities
  2. Indoor activities
  3. Activities that require masks to be taken off (like indoor eating)

Oh well

You mean this is NOT easing, right?

Correct. The mayor says it is too quick to go from 3 to 2 over night.

So they will take a stepped approach. The #3 is NOT yet relaxed and will be the last of the three to be relaxed.


I heard the mayor of new taipei used to be the head of national police agency.

If he had his say he would implement martial law and have everyone’s communication monitored in real time.


I get it, as frustrating as it is in a way. Would hate to regress

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It also seems New Taipei is not opening water activities.

As someone said above, guess the only approach is to see where the dust settles overall and for each place over next few days.

Even the CECC meeting today said beaches not open, but then said activities like snorkeling and surfing are.


what’s the point of the cdc even making rules anymore?
just tells the mayors to make rules so we don’t have to go with this back tracking bullshit every 2 weeks.

cdc: level 2.
mayors: no.

so what’s the point?


It’s been downgraded to Level 2, which is now like Level 3, in recognition of the success of Level 3, although New Taipei will stay at Level 3 not the Level-3-like Level 2. Clear?


I expect counties outside greater Taipei will adhere to most of the changes made by CECC today.

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I think down south will follow up with more restrictions. The mayors down south wouldn’t even open gyms when taipei did. I don’t see this going well.