Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021

Schools seem eager to fill vacancies. Was sent a job offer for 1 of 2 positions. Starts in 30 days. The school had been running ads for over a month. Now they are going after people directly. Declined the offer. It puts me too far away from my daughter.

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Glad to hear you have some options!


Not really. I need to stay in Taipei for family. My age is my biggest issue in Taipei. The schools want young ones teaching. The wife has an awesome job so I’ve always refused afternoon and evening jobs while the wife works her normal late hours so I can spend time with our young daughter. I declined the far away position because the daughter asked who would meet her at the bus stop. Made me cry.


You’ll get something soon.

Don’t sell yourself short due to age. You bring maturity, reliability, experience. :slightly_smiling_face:



That is why I think information would be better to be posted in separated threads.

Nationwide: Level 3 epidemic warning (until July 12, 2021) - Rules, FAQ

The first and second post are a wiki and can be updated by anyone with current information.

In other news

Here’s Apple Daily, of all sites, debunking the “I got sick while throwing out the garbage” bit. Expert says it is not possible.


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You can always ignore people. Not with your brain, but with Forumosa. It’s cleared things up a lot for me.

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Also, to make this on-topic, if Taiwan produces its own variant can we just skip to Ξ, Xi?


K-man on the Irish guy:

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Also from that article: “The deceased man reportedly had a history of hypertension and obesity.”

Yes people with serious health conditions need to seek medical intervention immediately if they are positive. Many have died within 48-72 hours and that is why they want to put people somewhere they can be monitored.

It doesn’t offer his family and partner much solace though. He died from covid and he would still be alive if he didn’t contract it.

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Where does the article say that?


It doesn’t seem like anybody in the (very small) Irish community here knew him so far although his name has not been released. We have no govt reps or trade office officials here so it’s even more difficult to deal with these things.
Some people keep to themselves and that’s OK but we should always try to check in on folks as few of us have family here.


Like you said, some people keep to themselves. Some people don’t want to be checked in on, even if those checking in have the best of intentions. They just don’t want it.

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From the description, it seems more than likely he had a heart attack or something similar.

Yep. Maybe a LINE msg would do it.

Heart attacks can be caused by the respiratory stress brought on by the low oxygen levels.


Or they can just happen due to mild exertion, eg., walking along the road.

Either way, I suspect he’ll be recorded as a COVID death.

Yeah, I couldn’t see anywhere that he “died from COVID.” The article clearly states: “The cause of the man’s death is not yet known.”