Nationwide: Level 3 epidemic warning (until July 12, 2021) - Rules, FAQ

“Level 3 epidemic warning” has been issued for whole Taiwan. CDC CDC2

Rules, implications, FAQ here in this thread.

Additionally, all levels of schools in whole Taiwan have been closed and moved to online learning. CNA

The Level 3 alert and school closings are expected to last until July 12th.

Generally, keep up to date by following news of Taiwan’s official state news agency CNA. The official CECC announcements are here.

The rules
(taken from CNA2 and more explanation from CNA3 and latest updates in CNA7)

  • Wear a mask at all times outdoors. Fine for not wearing: 15K.
    CNA4, CNA10

  • Avoid unnecessary travel, activities and gatherings

  • Monitor your health (immediately report COVID-19 symptoms)

  • Indoor gatherings of 5+ people and outdoor gatherings of 10+ people prohibited.

  • Apart from essential services, law enforcement, medical treatment and government, all places of business and public venues must close.

  • At places of business or public venues that remain open, mask wearing and social distancing is required.

  • Business places: enforce crowd controls, mask wearing and social distancing

  • Workplaces: enforce CECC guidelines; when possible work remotely or in staggered shifts

  • Restaurants: banned dine-in, so take-out only.

  • Religious places: no indoor activities

  • Weddings, funerals: banned

  • In neighborhoods where community transmission has occurred, residents must stay within defined a perimeter and comply with COVID-19 testing. All public gatherings and school classes within the neighborhoods are suspended.


FAQ for Taiwan level 3 epidemic warning
(work in progress, need details and verification)

  • Does public transportation still run? Yes (link)

  • Do supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores stay open? Yes, but registration by 1922 QR code&SMS or paper list with phone number/name required for better contact tracing.

  • I don’t have a Taiwan telephone number, or can’t send SMS. How can I use the 1922 QR code registration system? You can use the TaipeiPass app instead. See this tweet by @au Audrey Tang

  • Do food or grocery delivery services still operate? Yes CNA6
    Here is a list of online food delivery services.

  • Do I need to hoard masks, toilet paper, or food? No (CNA9)

  • Is self paid vaccination still possible? No new registrations, already registered appointments have been cancelled, availability of 2nd doses not sure yet (link)

  • Do universities still open? Yes, but campuses are closed for non-students (link)

  • Do banks still work? Yes, but might reduce opening hours (FSC)


I gather that Public Transport remains ?

Do they say just what a “Gathering” is ? Example, I walk in the park alone, but there are others (more than 10) in the park - stay away from group walks I guess.

more news and updates, stay safe at home. Hope we can contain this as all cases from one source


I’m making an off-topic post to suggest that people make this thread just for what’s actually going on with regulations, not random observations of crowds. Otherwise it’ll become as unwieldy as the other threads, and therefore unhelpful.


“non-essential” businesses close, right. But what about cram schools (Buxibans)? Does anyone know the rules for when they close? Can only imagine that if effects 95% of foreigners in Taipei. Please provide links to verify. Thank you.

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Is a school with kids a indoor gathering? If so 5 is limit

They specifically said classes are exempt due to it being a name-registration semi-closed system kind of deal. Schools and buxibans stay open, for now.


Wow ok!

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Excellent suggestion, I’ll simply delete other stuff so if there’s any doubt please don’t post it here.


Firstly, affects not effects. Secondly it’s nowhere near 95%. You need to get out more.


Traditional markets

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some news articles in Mandarin

Since this is the Level 3 “rules” thread, it may be helpful to link a story with more details about some of the penalties for noncompliance.

  • Not complying with the limits of indoor / outdoor gatherings (including religious processions)? between NT$60,000 and NT$300,000

  • Not wearing a mask after leaving home? up to NT$15,000

  • A business that does not comply with the new rules? up to NT$300,000

Minister Chen’s explanation:

“The aim is not to punish, but to set up rules that people can abide by,” Chen stressed, urging people to cooperate with the government and follow the rules.




Can we ask questions here?
1, Is the rule that offices can be open, but they must keep everyone 2 meters apart and wearing a mask?
2. Are religious services allowed, but they can’t do processions and they have to keep a list of names of everyone there? The info about this is confusing. It’s not listed as under enforced closures. Chen said in one article names had to be collected at religious venues, but that mean churches or people coming by the temple to baibai? But there are serious penalties if they break the rules. I can’t find consistent rules for this.
3. Masks on bikes? That is to say, the people on the bikes.



In Chinese

2. Avoid unnecessary movement, activities, or gatherings

Can you go hiking, cycling etc. under level 3? I guess so? Avoid does not mean it is forbidden?