Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021

Because the gov’t is stingy. Same with how they handled vaccine appropriation and potential deal-killing to produce overseas vaccines domestically.

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Unfortunately Minister Chen doesn’t understand human nature.

No human is a totally rational creature. People make decisions based on fear, greed, love, lust, etc. People generally are notoriously bad at evaluating risk.

A lot of COVID spread around the world has been caused by people who were well intentioned and didn’t think they were doing anything bad.

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I guess we should just let computers decide everything, after all they are logical…

I really think you guys are giving the DPP too much of a free-ride

They dont want to lock things down, because they are scared of upsetting the bosses and the “economy”. Thats why in the meetings they never mention the importance of companies letting people work from home or if they do, they will just “suggest” it. 99% of the considerations will come from that.


No, policy makers should just have realistic expectations about this and create their policies accordingly.

If TW had done this from the beginning, they would never have adopted 3+11.


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With Taiwan’s Level 3 restrictions extended for two weeks, the country’s R number has dropped to 0.7, which the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) considers to be a sign the outbreak is being reversed.

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COVID-19 deaths in the last 7 days/1M population in the US is about the same as in Taiwan. The number in the US is actually slightly higher: 8.45 vs 8.17.

Source: COVID-19 Weekly Trends by Country - Worldometer

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Funny enough, sex industry has moved from Wanhua to Banciao, to gongwus. South they have broken up a couple places where the girls have been sent South for “safekeeping”.

What’s this?

公寓, apartments/flats I’m guessing

Aha, cheers

Is New Taipei City affected by the ID restrictions? Or is it only Taipei city.

See above, Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021 - #1608 by afterspivak

However note that some areas may be applying their own restrictions, as Icon pointed out above Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021 - #1612 by Icon

Has there been any official change in beach access?

I had an acquaintance tell me that he was riding his bicycle on the paths in Shalun area of Tamsui yesterday. He witnessed many people riding bikes and walking on the paths. He also said that the Shalun Beach had many people and even there was a girl from the equestrian area riding her horse on the beach.

Shalun Beach, Tamsui


Official change in policy for beach access? Or just Taiwanese ignoring the rules and officials doing their normal job of practicing non-enforcement of rules?

Plenty of people fishing on the north coast and also playing in the water without being bothered by the authorities. I questioned the lifeguards at Baishawan beach and they told me that their only responsibilities were to keep people off the sand and out of the water directly in front of the beach and that the rocky areas were not their concern. Also, many people walk on the beach at Baishawan after 6pm when the lifeguards leave and before 9am when they arrive.

Baishawan, Shimen


Linshan Bi, Shimen


Wedding Park Reef, Shimen


It’s a real bitter pill to swallow when I see all of these outsiders ignoring the rules and playing in my backyard.

Rules apparently are for reference only in Taiwan because there is no compliance, enforcement or penalties for ignoring them.

But if you’re a migrant worker who sticks his head out of your quarantine room for 8 seconds…BOOM! Huge fine!

Also, let’s lock all the migrant workers up like prisoners in their dormitories.


I got 2 friends who live around Shalom and told me there were people at the beach and in the water throughout the week (they take daily walks). That beach had a bathing prohibition even before Covid reached Taiwan. Still people go there for sun (and water) bathing.

I can’t lie to you that I’m not thinking about joining them


That water is so polluted from the outflow of the Tanshui River and also the runoff from the water treatment facility which is right there. Pesticides, heavy metals, fecal coliform levels are so high you can smell the stink.

Thankfully Shalun Beach is a delta and no reasonable surf break exists there. I wouldn’t want to surf in untreated sewage.

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How long have you lived in TW?

I guess this is in Taiwan’s Little Israel? :rofl:


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I’d happily trade being on a beach now instead of being in my apartment

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