Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

I hope that @$$ gets the worst toothache ever and has to wait 14 days to get a root canal.

Never happen though because the rules would be broken for him immediately.



No Official Presser Today, blah blah blah

Covid Stats For 2022-06-12


Local = 50,657

Imported = 14

Deaths = 163

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


Well, took 2 and a half years for the Big Boss to get it. In the old country, not only our Health minister got it in the first months but also his own father in law died of it.

Checking now, also the president, his wife, most of the legislature…yet they keep on traveling and not wearing masks. But they took big chunks off mask and vaccine deals.

But then if positive on arrival off you go to a quarantine facility.

163 Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths Reported on June 12, 2022


Female = 72 (44.17%)
Male = 91 (55.83%)

Age Distribution

90s = 37 (22.70%)
80s = 64 (39.26%)
70s = 30 (18.40%)
60s = 20 (12.27%)
50s = 9 (5.52%)
40s = 2 (1.23%)
30s = 1 (0.61%)

Vaccination Status

74 were unvaccinated (45.40%)
16 had one dose (9.82%)
20 had two doses (12.27%)
51 had three doses (31.29%)
2 had four doses (1.23%)

Click to see detailed cases report


Every time I read the detailed case reports I can’t help but believe Covid is Gaia’s land shark.

Of the 163 deaths, only 12 had no chronic disease history. Of those 12, 3 of those were in their 90s, 5 in their 80s, and 1 in their 70s.

What’s the story with the other 3? Unvaccinated then?

Not sure if anyone posted it yet, but transits trough TPE will also be allowed starting from 15th June.

Starting June 15, Taiwan to gradually ease border controls, shorten quarantine period, and control number of arrivals - Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.


It could be a false dawn because we’ve seen this movie before, From June 25, transit passengers are allowed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport with thorough route and monitoring measures in place to prevent coronavirus spread - Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

Every airline allowed to transit, or is this just a ploy to help the domestic airlines, Eva and China?

I am also not sure about it, since there is no big announcement. I thought TPE was a big hub for transit before COVID.

The remaining three:

It was, but not as big as Hong Kong and Singapore. I used to transit through Taoyuan twice a year until Corona hit. I remember the transit lines being long, but not that long.

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Another self health monitoring: If I quarantine in my own apt (alone), can my girlfriend join me after the 3 days mandatory quarantine or does she have to wait until quarantine + self health monitoring is over? I can’t find anything about the living arrangements while self health monitoring.


Covid Stats For 2022-06-13


Local = 45,081

Imported = 29

Deaths = 109

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


There’s always a drop in cases on Monday (weekend effect). But this is a significant difference pointing to what is probably a downward trend.


Dammit Kaohsiung, this isn’t the kind of contest we need to be winning. :mask:

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Given the stated move to accepting home antigen test results should the “weekend effect” still exist? Or are there also limited online doctor interviews at the weekends?


I suspect you’ll still get people thinking “sod it, it’s the weekend, I’ll see how I feel on Monday” before taking a test and/or inconveniencing themselves by reporting positive results.

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