Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

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If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than 3 days before you travel by air into the United States (US) and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight, or be prepared to show documentation of recovery (proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel).

My brother did it and he’s from the neighbors down South, where the government encourages people to do so.

Of course the cost is only 500 to 1500 USD for tickets/hotel/amenities/shopping and it takes what, 2 to 9 hours flight. From Taiwan we are talking 40k to 90k NTD in plane tickets, let alone the rest.

There was an article recently detailing costs, lemme see if I can find it.



Thanks, but I’m talking about getting the vax in NYC, not the covid test in TW.

Looks like Icon in on point though.

Sweet. Can you find out WHERE they got the vax?

Yes, however to enter the US and take the van in NYC, you will still need to take a covid test in TW.

Usually hospitals. It depends on whether or not they qualify (eg. employee of a healthcare facility such as a physician/nurse, government, or covid frontline worker) at the time of writing.

Dude, I’m talking about regular folks, from Taiwan, flying to NYC and getting the vaccine. Thank you though. Really.

Of course.

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You are aware that there is an entire thread on this topic?



I are now!


Also if they plan on doing some shopping, don’t forget to check out each state’s sales tax…

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A parking lot. From the hands of a burly fierce looking Marine. In Miami.

They booked it on the internet. Seems you can do that with the largest pharmacy chains in US. CVS, the like.

Lemme ask when he wakes up.

Ok, this gets interesting. Seems it was like a camp/temporary location set up by FEMA. No reservations, just walk in/drive in. Cool.

If I was in your family’s shoes, I’d book a direct flight to NYC, go to the nearest Costco to get the vaccine, get some nice salad dressings/organic sauces along the way.

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Well not from Chinese users.
But from people in Dubai or Bahrain I would have expected that.

I can’t be sure, but I suspect that reporting vaccine side effects in Dubai or Bahrain might be a beheading offence …

Since all the vaccines (apparently) work by replicating the spike protein, you would expect similar types of side effect for all of them - and so far that seems to be the case, although with some differences in magnitude.

hm … I did not think of that

As forumosans will know, Moderna’s mRNA product is part of the vaccine menu purchased by the Taiwan government—and they are being administered now to front line hospital staff and hospital workers around the nation. With a little over 5 million Moderna doses on order, these vaccines will eventually help protect around 2.5 million people here.

We also know that the Taiwan authorities, in conjunction with Academia Sinica, have been in conversation with Moderna about setting up a factory in Taiwan, though this has yet to be confirmed.

So what are the prospects of this company scaling up? What are its goals going forward? What anticipated timeline? This informative 5 minutes conversation with the Moderna CEO helps to answer some of these and other questions.



Good example of why what vaccines you use matter.

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Condolences to his family, however should this this gentleman really have been queueing up for vaccination? I guess it’s best he passed before the shot rather than after or there’d be a serious hullabaloo.

I was browsing the official pictures from vaccination sites, mostly Taipei. The elderly…well, they are frail.

Reminded me of Mafalda’s friend Miguelito seeing a very old man and promising to punch time if she played such a trick on him. I agree.

Wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, the works. And at least some places were kind enough to use the sitting system.

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Effectiveness of first dose of Sinovac in Chile is reportedly 16%.

This will be an interesting “natural experiment”. Places like Polk County, Missouri - where, presumably, people are deliberately avoiding vaccination - are unlikely to see any widespread change of opinion in the near future, so we’ll be able to see exactly how the virus spreads and mutates under similar real-world conditions, with the only controlled variable being vaccination rate.

EDIT: no, apparently that won’t work. Polk County, MO have reported a grand total of 40 COVID deaths, and 3500 cases. Deaths-per-day are down in the noise, and have been since forever. Population is 35,000 people. Since the number of cases is broadly in line with the rest of the country, we can perhaps assume that record-keeping is accurate. Attempting to discern any useful data from the occasional COVID death in Polk County seems like a futile exercise - unless, of course, we entertain some outlier hypotheses, eg., COVID does not kill people who don’t believe in the boogeyman, and the media just make shit up (“Coronavirus infections dropping where people are vaccinated, rising where they are not”).


The other apocalypic meltdown is apparently in Sweetwater County, WY. Again, 40 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic; they’re currently averaging about one death a month.


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Vaccines don’t do anything. COVID doesn’t kill people, at least not in meaningful numbers. Blah blah blah.

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