Costco Thread 2021

Maybe this is the codger in me, but all I need in a fan is 4 manual buttons, 3 for speed. The digital stuff seems designed to break, I figure if you never spend more than 1000 NT on a fan, there’s no way 1 3000 NT fan outlasts 3 of those.

I mean, it’s a fan, it blows air. Fans barely use electricity as well. Don’t buy what Big Fan is selling you.

Unless someone wants to tell a story about how a 3-4k fan has changed how they experience life or something?


There’s probably some executives at the fan company and Costco happy about duping people into actually considering paying NT$3800 for a fan. Not sure whether they’re on Forumosa though.

And it’s DC. I was mistaken about the blades, it’s 7 blades.

Mostly it’s the rotor that breaks somehow. Maybe it’s not brushless. DC are brushless.

The difference is that it is suppose to circulate the air around your room instead of just blowing a stream of air in one direction. At least that is the marketing pitch. Reviews on amazon on air circulation fans seems pretty good.

Most fans have a left-right movement and the ‘head’ can be repositioned (tilted) up or down.

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You could buy a small used window ac for that money. I much rather have a weak ac than a really good fan. You can’t cool even if the fan is blowing hot air around.

Not only that, but also fans contribute to global warming because the motors heat up the air. If you use a fan you are anti-environment and want everyone to die in a giant flaming ball of planetary inferno.

Any updates on delivery times recently? Are they still backed up and not getting website orders in less than a week?

Last week I had one order (2 items delivered separately) and received both within 2 days of ordering.

I had two other July orders that were all within 1-3 days.


Thank you. I am a bit puzzled as I have received no email delivery estimate or something.

They are out of stock of many products.

Not a happy camper with Costco delivery. I did not get an email or message telling me my order was on the way. The driver went to my home, I am at the office. Must reschedule. :rant:


Can people send Costco to 7-11?

i don’t think it would fit


No more free onions…under discussion.

The new normal.


Here’s what you get in Taiwan now:

Grandmas will now ask for 20 extra pots of onions.


I’ve seen a foreigner more than once filling their drink cup with onions while the crowd looks on in amazement.

I try to avoid sitting near them so I don’t get caught in funny foreigner paparazzi pictures.

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Probably amazed at how they’re stealing condiments the wrong way. Everyone knows plates are for solids. Need an A-ma to get up there and show 'em how it’s done.

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To be fair, I’ve seen older local folks do this almost every time I’ve gone there, and I have never seen it once in over a decade of going to Costco in the states.

I’ve also seen an older man complete fill up a cup with mustard. :man_shrugging:

I suspect it is a mindset born in tougher times.