Costco Thread 2021

I can’t recall which card we used in the US, but my stepmom managed to buy over 500 USD of goods. That I recall very clearly. :eek:

Oh and it was a Taiwan issued credit card.

Hopefully she is of the good and not the evil variety.

Question: Trying to register online account. Can I use my US membership?

You must have a Taiwan Costco membership card to order on, but there is also the payment aspect…you have to use a Co-branded Costco/Cathay credit card. (there may be one additional Cathay credit card that can be used)



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What’s going on with eggs all of a sudden?

Costco used to have 30-packs of eggs. Last week they only had ten-packs and had a limit of one package per card. Yesterday they didn’t have eggs at all.

Is there a nationwide egg shortage? Did Shih An Farms decide to go into automotive chipmaking instead of egg farming?

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I tried it last time they had it (a year or two ago). It was bland, like eating Elmer’s glue. Not wasting the money on trying it again to see if they fixed it.

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I also tried it last year, and it was far too sweet for my tastes. Not bad, mind you, just not savory enough for me.

For the record, can’t find the usual ad for New Year break.

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Found some stuff today I don’t usually see. Maybe it’s been there before, but for me was new.


Oh, I’m not going to scroll back up to find out if somebody already has reported it but Costco has cheese of most decent varieties back in stock as well as peanut butter in adult-sized jars.

Costco also started selling instant pot in the stores. Online also now has frozen spinach, but you have to buy 12 packs of 500 grams.

What’s the difference with fresh spinach? The hassle of cleaning and preparing?

I never saw spinach at the Costco I goto. I am too afraid to buy it from the wet markets. I also go though a lot of vegetables each day so need mass quantities.

Which store? I was just there yesterday and they still don’t at Guandu. In fact, I think they had fewer types of cheese than even a couple of weeks ago. I specifically asked them about the “Coastal” brand good English cheddar and was told, again, that they’ve deleted it from their order system and will never ever get it again.

Also, although they got eggs in again, they’re still in 10-packs and limit one box per card. What’s going on with eggs? Is there a general shortage?

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Not in Neihu.

Neihu - they had all but one kind of cheese that I regularly buy back in stock.

Peanut butter was only crunchy but that’s better than nothing.

That’s the important one, anyway. People who really want smooth peanut butter can just heat it up and run it through a strainer.

Someone posted that frozen spinach was only available online, but I saw it in the freezer at Guandu yesterday.

Anyone know if fresh cauliflower is over for the year now? They were at least out of stock, if not discontinued until October again.

Lol, that sounds like a lot of work.