Costco Thread 2021

They work fine, you just have to tell them it’s a foreign card. It’s sort of like the ARC number format except that Costco actually WILL let you use it, unlike everyplace here.



Hey they “improved” the ARC system for us!

I too have used my TW Costco card in Canada.

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Those are the slightly, slightly sweetened Cheerios. We found the nonsweet ones at Carrefour Neihu the other day, by the way. The one near Costco.

Went back to Costco at zhonghe, still no almond milk… did they stop carrying almond milk at other stores too?

And no US Russet potatoes, still.

Haven’t seen it for a while. But the large bottles of Kirkland Bourbon are finally back!


which costco do you goto?

Does anyone remember what credit card they used?

I used my TW Costco membership card in the US over Christmas. You just need to tell them it’s international and they add a 5 to the beginning of the number (or something like that).

I’ve done it too, but we couldn’t use the Taiwan Costco-branded credit card (ironically the only place back home we couldn’t use it) and had to pay in cash.

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I saw this at Jason’s on Anhe Road tonight. I’m sure it’s much cheaper at Costco.

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More than 2x the price😡. Costco is 1.89L for 129

Thats why we buy the giant packages. We can share with friends and still save money.

What giant packages would you be referring to?

Anything in Costco is in a giant package!

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I was wondering if he was talking about a giant package of almond milk…

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I’m just a bit shocked that people share them. When I buy a giant package of something, it’s all mine.

I would like to do it but I never find these mythical people you share your Costco stuff with.

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If I ever buy a giant package of anything I find inedible, I’ll let you know. :slight_smile: