Costco Thread 2022

What goodies will Costco bring to us in 2022? Maybe the churro?

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I do believe they removed the sugary fried sticks for a reason…

Because they weren’t good?

They were like heaven in a stick

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I’ve been able to get tortilla chips and salsa every visit this year. That’s an improvement.

Did they discontinue the vegan cookie dough or 🥲

Haven’t seen that for a while. Though after the first couple of tubs, I realized it probably wasn’t the best life decision so haven’t looked for it since.


Hahaha, same here but wanted to stress eat COVID away.

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Costco has once again removed half the tables in its dining area, installed plastic screens down the middles of the remaining tables, and stopped handing out samples in the shopping areas.

People should probably go visit their favorite restaurants one last time before everything gets shut down again. :-/


Has anyone seen the apple cider vinegar? It’s gone from the website and Neihu.

In a sort of semi related matter, seems there is a churros specialty chain, with stores in Tianmu and Xinyi.


Breaking news: Costco Neihu is enforcing the reality that sidewalks are for walking and not for parking/driving scooters!!


Re: return policy, is Costco Taiwan as liberal as Costco US (e.g. return in basically any condition and even without a receipt)? Or is it more strict somehow?

electronics have a time limit, the rest is quite liberal.

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As a Spanish, I can say that those churros con chocolate look as authentic as many paellas around here.

My first breakfast every time I go back to Spain is a chocolate con churros y porras (mainly porras).

Reality? In what parallel universe? And how we can go there?

Where I come from, porra is a bad word. :eek:

Anyways, just getting real chocolate here is problematic. Agree also on authenticity of those churros but 1. Beggars can’t be choosers 2. Taste is ok

I’ve lived here long enough since the times when cheese and chocolate were only found in Tianmu. No Costco then. :grandpa: So if at least they try, it takes very little to make me happy.


You can mandar a la porra a alguien. In Spain, it’s a soft way to tell someone to f*** off. Search images for porras con chocolate and you’ll see what they are. When I’m desperate enough, I use 油條 as a substitute. Problem is, we never eat a porra, or churro, that is not just fried. Here, they can serve you a several hours old 油條.

Anyway, churros here come from USA. Mexico influence I guess. I don’t know if the churros here can be considered as good USA churros.

Just on my trip to Costco today:

  1. When in the last turn to get to the store, a black BMW squeezed through to turn in front of me, almost making me hit a car coming in the other way, just to get to Costco too. :wall: (In such a rush, he missed a great parking spot inside, which I got :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  2. When inside, I heard a loud sneeze followed by an open mouth cough. When I turned to see the source of such thunderous noise, I find an old man pulling his mask back up. Probably one of those who pull the mask down because they don’t want to dirty the inside of the mask :rant:
  3. When in line to pay and leave, an old lady came from the right looking far to the direction she came from, pretended she didn’t see our cart and just cut the line in front of us! I had just arrived to join my family back in the line and I thought the lady was there first, but then I found out she really was “pretending garlic”. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If I had a short temper, I’d had picked a fight in any one of these instances. Rather, I preferred to ignore them and just move on with my day.
But man, old people are the worst!


They don’t have time to lose.

Anyone knows if Manchego cheese is back? Last few times I went to Costco (Beitou) I couldn’t find it.