Costco Thread 2022

No, it’s just you, you’re special. VIP service maybe?

Strange! I am not even an Executive Member…

Maybe you’re being targeted based on your behavior at Costco stores. Have you by any chance looked for nonalcoholic eggnog in recent weeks?

It’s very likely that they targeted me based on my shopping behavior. Maybe they consider me a Costco superfan. :slight_smile: I doubt that it has anything to do with eggnog though, as the person that called never mentioned it.

BTW, it looks like Costco just “updated” their app, and it’s terrible. It’s basically the same as the US Costco app (just the mobile version of the Costco website). Some nice features in the old Taiwan Costco app, such as adding promotion items and events to a list for future reference is gone. Anyone else hates it?

My wife got a similar call yesterday.

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Quality street. 479 instead of 599. Still expensive but it is Christmas.

Bought the cookies too. They are much harder/snappier than previously. They were softer in previous years. Maybe I got an overbaked batch.

Is Costco open on Christmas day here? And if so, is it crazier? Or just a normal Costco day?

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Of course it is open.

It is Sunday so it will be crazy.


Went today and it was fucking insane. Instantly regretted it. I imagine it will be even worse tomorrow.


I wondered where to buy quality street, didn’t know and I was in ZhongHe Costco yesterday, didn’t think of looking.
Oh well we need to weight down.
I want a purple one now.

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Get it delivered!


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