Covid vaccines for children?

I think I posted a year or two ago that we would reach peak neurosis when we were vaccinating kids.

Protect yourself and others. Ridiculous.


Rarely I disagree with you, but this is one of those times. Yes, the elderly need the vaccine the most and children the least by far. That said, complications while rare are avoidable with the increased antibodies the vaccines provide and I’ll definitely get my daughter vaccinated once she’s eligible.


Rarely I disagree with you. But vaccinating children without comorbities is mad. We’ll have to disagree about this. Possibly the first time?

You got the @afterspivak like.


Since I was named: allow to me say I received heaps of vaccines as a child in Canada. Were those misguided health authorities out to get me? Somehow I didn’t come to this conclusion then. Nor do I arrive at this conclusion now, in Taiwan in 2022.

It does make me wonder what happened to you guys in the UK to start thinking like this. :upside_down_face:


Andrew Wakefield

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I apologize for naming you. The vaccines you received as a child were, IMO, necessary.


That idiot has no influence on me. I’m discussing almost uneccessary vaccines on children where the minimal risk of the vaccine outweighs the risk of Omicron.

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What would you define as unnecessary?

Where the risks from the vaccine are higher than the risks from Omicron.

Both of which are statistically negligible.


In terms of single infection/shot?

I’m not sure what you mean here.

My belief has not changed for two years. Only the elderly and people with comorbities should get vaccinated. If anyone wants to present a logical argument as to otherwise I’m all ears.

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I’m just trying to understand how you view the risks.

Is it the risk of a single shot? The risk of double vax? The risk of double vax plus booster?

The risk per infection?

There is no risk to a child with no comorbities from Omicron. (cue Long Covid…)

There is a risk to children from the vaccine. I don’t know what the risk is, but it is a risk.


I can’t imagine it would be 0. I know it’s low, but 0? I’m a bit sceptical of this claim.

It’s been 0 to date.

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All there has to be is one for the claim of 0 to be untrue.

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Yes, and children with comorbities should be vaccinated.

Where does it say they have comorbidities?

“It’s no longer fair even to insinuate that Covid doesn’t affect children, that Covid deaths are only in unhealthy children or kids with risk factors. That’s just not true, by the data.”

That’s what the article says.

I don’t have an issue with vaccines. There needs to be a logical level of vaccination

Vaccinate everyone from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure

I’m not necessarily disagreeing, but I am sceptical that a respiratory virus is completely 0 risk in a healthy child.