Cruise Ship Quarantines - Coronavirus 2020

Ruh roh.

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Just to add their itinerary: Jiufen, the Palace Museum, CKS, Taipei 101

Friday 31st



Latest NBC Nightly News Report on the Coronavirus.


Final US evacuation flights out of China arrived in the US. Some passengers have been found to be infected with the virus.

The cruise ship in Yokohama has 61 confirmed cases and 11 are Americans. This is the cruise ship that docked in Taiwan and toured around the island. How many of these 61 infected got off in Taiwan and spread it around?

Cruise ship companies are banning Chinese from cruises.

Ok folks, the shit just got real!

The NBC News story I posted above absolutely, positively confirms that at least one passenger infected with the Coronavirus got off the ship in Keelung! Where she went is anyone’s guess. Just the Keelung area? All the way into Taipei to the Palace Museum, the 101, Hsi-Men Ting? Here’s the emergency alert we received on our cell phones showing all the locations where they went!

The confirmed infected passenger who got off the ship in Taiwan is an American named Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove Oregon a suburb of Portland. She just got removed from the cruise ship in Yokohama and was taken to a hospital for treatment and quarantine!

Take a look at this screen grab! That’s Taiwan and she’s standing at a vendor cart who sells candied strawberries. The vendor’s cell phone number is clearly shown in the picture as 0933-929-176.

Should I call it and ask where they are located? Could be a market in Keelung or JiuFen or ShiLin or Tanshui or just about anywhere!

Of the cruise ship passengers tested so far, 61 have been confirmed positive for the Coronavirus, 11 Americans of which Rebecca Frasure is one.

Yokohama quarantined ship stats

How many of those 61 besides Rebecca Frasier got off the ship and toured around in Taiwan that day? Who was she hanging out with? Who took her picture that I’ve posted in the screen grab?

So, if that ship docked on January 31st at 6am and departed around 5:30pm, then we’ve got until February 14th to start seeing the results of their possible transmission of the virus!

I’m not trying to instill panic, but the facts are the facts and the sharing of information is important in beating this thing!

Reposting the entire news story again for supporting documentation.



From the amount of mold on the building in the background, my guess would be Keelung. :sunglasses:


If one really wanted to find where she is in that pic I would google map search “Adidas” stores and start exploring on google street view.

Sure, with a phone number available to be called!!! Yes, why not?

That was the whole point of the alert basically. I’m sure a whole bunch of them got off the ship, you have to assume that.

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I didn’t eat that so I’m OK and am not panicking.

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It’s the corner of Aisi and Rensan Roads in Keelung.


With skillz like that, you should be playing Pic Quiz. :grin:


I was just watching TVBS and they were talking about the current cruise ship docked with Taiwanese passengers. They showed the market and guess who appeared in the video shot? Yep! The old man and his vendor cart with the candied strawberries! I shit you not!

I sent a text message to the phone number with the picture of Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove Oregon and his vendor cart from 1/31 and warned him that she just tested positive for the Coronavirus and is quarantined in Japan and to carefully monitor his health. Right now, I would say that we are the only ones who are aware that a verified Coronavirus victim from that ship had contact in Taiwan. Wow!

So far, no response from the old man. He might not be able to read Chinese, similar to most of my neighbors. Hmm.


Watched the same segment as you, and told my wife: “That’s the night market in the picture I showed you!”

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In fairness, if I got a text message like that out of the blue, I’d initially assume it’s some kind of really weird con. (Since that is after all my default position on any email or text message from an unknown address or number.)

Still, good job trying!

Ah, no. I would say we aren’t. And she’s not a victim. She tested positive for the virus but it’s quite likely she will remain asymptomatic since she’s quite young and healthy.

Call the mayor and have Keelung shut down!

Did the ship actually raise the quarantine flag?

This couple is on the Diamond Princess stuck in Yokohama. Great interview and a fabulous attitude.


Another fine 差不多 job! Any one of those passengers can be infected and able to transmit the virus to others without exhibiting symptoms. They might not have outward symptoms now, but how about within the next 14 days? It is not possible for the medical team to have accurately tested all the ship passengers in that amount of time. A cursory glance, a few questions and take their temperature. Yep, 差不多!

And they’ve been released to travel home for voluntary home quarantine and self monitoring? Yeah, sure. It’s off to the nearest KTV or dance hall or whatever. Look at the couple who boarded a plane, flew to Kinmen and tried to board a ferry back to China. They were under the same required home quarantine and they didn’t give a shit.


Excellent points. Then, why have the authorities made such a meal out of testing the passengers, etc.? Did this ship stop in China or Hong Kong?