Customs clearance

Sorry for bumping this up. But I have a question to ask.
So I bought a Asus ROG on eBay, after waiting for 10 daysof shipment, today I received an email asked my information for custom clearance. I’ve never done this before so I would like to ask if anyone here could help me out. This is screenshot of the email. Screenshot_20190304-153749

This is NCC form and the letter they sent me. Do I have to handwriting them or just print them out and sign?

When I have received shipments from abroad that require customer clearance lately, the shipper usually advises me to to download an app, which has those forms in there. It’s set up for a number of logistics companies in Taiwan and transmits the documents with your electronic signature to Taiwan customs.

I don’t recall the name of the app right now because I have only had to use it a couple times in the past 12 months

This is the app I was referring to

Thank you. I used your app to send them the letter of authorization. But they also require NCC form and BSMI permit. What should I do with them? And about that BSMI permit, they say it would cost about NT$3000. Isn’t that fee included in “import charge” that I already paid on eBay?

This a certificate of compliance to a particular standard. Is the laptop you bought available in Taiwan? Does it use an off or special wifi/bluetooth or some other wireless standard? If it’s a standard laptop they shouldn’t need this, ask for more details.

It’s an used Asus ROG Strix gl703gs model. I dont know about its wifi/buetooth standard. What’s your opinion? And 1 more thing, the seller doesn’t pack it with original Asus box, so it’s like non-branded. Is that reason why they require the permit?

They’re really the only people that can answer it for you, unless someone on here has had a similar experience. I’d send in the standard customs form and then follow up with a phonecall if things are not moving. Sometimes “difficult” things like these just get forgotten about if they become too much trouble.

How do I send them the forms? Need to send them actual filled forms or I just need to take picture of them and send back via email?

Didn’t you use the app already? I’d fill them in, either scan and email or fa to them and then mail the forms just to be sure.

Yep I used the app but it only has the letter of authorization but i doubt they would receive it. I emailed them back with my picture of my passport and asked if they could help me fill the NCC form

OK, I guess all you can do is wait for their response. What shipping method did the Amazon seller use? It sounds like one to be avoided!

I bought it from eBay. It’s Global Shipping Program. I’ve made some research and maybe because the laptop I purchased exeed USD1000 so import license/BSMI permis is required. And it (ofc) has wifi, that’s why I need to fill the NCC form. But they charge about NTD3000 for the BSMI permit, that’s so ridiculous.

That part is a little odd, if it’s a laptop that’s available to purchase in Taiwan all that information and the BSMI certificate should already exist, I’d only expect the request for something which has not already been certified in Taiwan.

As i said before, because seller didn’t pack it in original package, so it’s like non-branded. I think they opened it for inspection and can’t find out what brand it is, that’s why they asked for model name and required me to fill NCC form. And about BSMI permit, it’s kind of import license that i need to apply for item exceed USD1000. Agent from FedEx mailed me and said the license would cost NTD1200. I can apply for the license myself for NTD200 but it would take more time and effort.

The first laptop I imported required all those forms (and the permit through the agent) but I thought that’s because I just imported it myself (a friend posted it to me)

However the one I imported last month (using the ebay global sender scheme) which was also over $1000 only required the first power of attorney letter.

That’s the whole point of it…? So everything is paid upfront.

Import charge included when I checked out on eBay and I think it should cover that BSMI fee. But well I don’t know. The broker said she would help me with that permit and I have to pay her 1200ntd when it’s done

Odd. Maybe luck of the draw?
I bought a laptop off of Amazon a few months ago, well over $1000 USD. Amazon charged the import fees. I had it shipped to family in the USA, who then shipped it to me via USPS. I paid nothing on arrival. Smooth as butter.

I googled a lot from yesterday and found out many ppl have same problem with eBay Global Shipping Program and FedEx. They even say to avoid sellers with GSP. Well not a good first impression with FedEx.

Ok just checked my documents, the first laptop was delivered by UPS - and yes, that email says as it was over $1000 it required the BSMI.

The agency fee was 1200 and the BSMI was 200 - total 1400.

Second delivery (also over $1000) was via FedEx (and the global delivery scheme) - nothing mentioned.