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Today is “Drink Beer Day”!

Raise a glass of your favourite ale or lager and celebrate Drink Beer Day! One of the oldest man-made beverages in history, beer has been produced since the Neolithic Era with some breweries dating back as far as 1040. It is little wonder why drinking beer has come to be such a popular and entertaining activity.

Although, I suspect some of our fellow Forumoseans think everyday is “Drink Beer Day” :smirk_cat:

Oh, today is also “Teacher’s Day” (in Taiwan)

So, congratulations to those who have one more reason to celebrate the “Drink Beer Day”!

I think there should be an official Teacher’s Drink Beer Day.

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Cross-posting for @tando :slight_smile:

Today is the day of the Kladdkaka! I always thought it’s the same as Mud cake but wiki has it as “kladdkaka” in English as well.

Happy Independence Day, to any forumosans from Djibouti.


We missed a very important day a few days ago!

xkcd commemorative_plaque

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Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day!,been%20lost%20to%20the%20unknown

Apparently, today is National Frog Jumping Day.

These Colonials: what on earth will they think of next?

"National Frog Jumping Day has its roots in a charming blend of literature and tradition, celebrated annually on May 13. The story that sparked this whimsical holiday is “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” penned by Mark Twain in 1865.

Twain’s tale is about a man named Jim Smiley who bets on a frog’s jumping ability, only to discover that not everything goes as planned."


:happy_frog: :mag_right:

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I counted at least 122, not including Godzilla…

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Happy Lagwagon Day