Discriminatory job advertisement on forumosa



Call them. I have a contact in the Development (or something) department xD


I just sent them an e-mail thing. We’ll see


Somebody needs to work on his pickup lines. Maybe Explorer Nick is available for coaching. :grin:



Yeah, I haven’t practiced much in the last many years.


What? Legally you need to be a translator for 2 years before being allowed to be a translator?


To get a work permit in Taiwan.


Yes, that’s why I had to work on a teaching visa when I was a translator years ago. Shhhh…


English Spanish?




Meh English is my thing.


The government also considers that translation into English is not something that it is impossible to find a Taiwanese to do.


I got some rather non-committal feedback from the Labor Ministry today. They said such situations would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, and could be reported with company details to local gvmt. labor or social services units.

勞動部 敬復

They do say clearly though that ESA Act 5 applies to foreigners and locals equally.


Will this forum set any rule against discriminatory ads or does nothing until authority says it’s discriminatory to a certain ad?


Let us think about that a bit, but if the law applies to foreigners equally I think that’s a strong point for setting a rule.




“Specialized and technical work” covers many jobs, but if a company or other entity runs an unregistered or incorrectly registered de facto buxiban (according to the legal definition), the government can fine it to death.