Discriminatory job advertisement on forumosa


Call them. I have a contact in the Development (or something) department xD


I just sent them an e-mail thing. We’ll see

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Somebody needs to work on his pickup lines. Maybe Explorer Nick is available for coaching. :grin:

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Yeah, I haven’t practiced much in the last many years.


What? Legally you need to be a translator for 2 years before being allowed to be a translator?


To get a work permit in Taiwan.


Yes, that’s why I had to work on a teaching visa when I was a translator years ago. Shhhh…


English Spanish?



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Meh English is my thing.


The government also considers that translation into English is not something that it is impossible to find a Taiwanese to do.

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I got some rather non-committal feedback from the Labor Ministry today. They said such situations would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, and could be reported with company details to local gvmt. labor or social services units.

勞動部 敬復

They do say clearly though that ESA Act 5 applies to foreigners and locals equally.


Will this forum set any rule against discriminatory ads or does nothing until authority says it’s discriminatory to a certain ad?


Let us think about that a bit, but if the law applies to foreigners equally I think that’s a strong point for setting a rule.

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“Specialized and technical work” covers many jobs, but if a company or other entity runs an unregistered or incorrectly registered de facto buxiban (according to the legal definition), the government can fine it to death.


I sent an inquiry to MOE about the restriction nationalities of English teachers on recruitment announce by public schools. They clearly said the requirement is a passport from a country whose official language is english and it is not limited to 6 or 7 countries. They also said MOE should be responsible to supervise local governments so they will ask to the local authority to investigate the situation and do what they should do.

So, I think limitation of nationalities on the ads of English teaching positions on this forum should be removed.


Can you post that or PM it to me?



MOFA still not putting nail in the coffin on which nationalities are kosher or not for teaching English here.
I take India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia becoming OK-ish now?
What about Nigeria, Pakistan, Jamaica, Belize, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or Gambia.

Referencing wikipedia, quite a lot countries that officially adopt English as their official language.

Teach English w/o a passport from 1 of 'the 7 countries'?