Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


I don’t know but I like it.
It would be better with an extra syllable like this.


we won’t go over the electoral college again. everyone knows the drill.

as they say, “it is, what it is.” Not coming to the truth of this matter we are talking about is something people have to do on their own, and for which most of the majority here will likely never truly understand. I’m not here to take you to that sort of promiseland. Everyone is on their own.


Just going by the stats though the typical American voted for the other candidate., Tweedle Dee.
Which is definitely something to chew on.

And BLASTS A MASSIVE LOGIC HOLE through the rubbish above. Hehe.


I think a lot of Democrats were not thrilled Hillary rigged their primaries and became the candidate for them. Which by her popping up all over the place recently might mean she’s up for another run in 2020, I really feel sorry for the Democrats if she does that.

Which by the way she just recently did an interview where the interviewer confuses Eric Holder and Cory Booker and replies “they all look the same anyway”. You can do a little experiment, ask yourself if the media would have non stop coverage if Trump had said such a thing then try looking on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, New York Times, Washinton post, any MSM except Fox and see if you can find a mention anywhere. Crickets.


Not really. Trump knew the system he was working with, chose his strategy accordingly, and won the election fair and square.


yes, saw the video. Silence from the left on golden girl and her “they all look the same” cackling laughing comment.


Here’s another thought experiment.

Which President could be unpopular right now with the US economy humming along, high stock prices and low unemployment. No major wars.

Would be difficult to be unpopular right. You could put a monkey up there , call him Prez Banana and people might shrug their shoulders. Well he won didn’t he and the price of bananas is pretty cheap right now.


Are you trying to argue something else with me? It’s my lunchtime now.

Election results unequivocally state the typical American didn’t vote for him.


Close to half any way you look at it. And he focused his campaign strategy on getting votes where they counted most. If he’d focused his strategy on winning the popular vote, the results may have been different.


trying to argue a what-if scenario versus an actual it-happened-and-that’s-that reality is a losing poker hand


First of all, I even think that Trump never really intended to win the election.
He probably saw this whole thing more as a publicity stunt to advertise his businesses.

Secondly, if it’s the law doesn’t mean it’s morally right.

Thirdly. If the majority decided on it doesn’t make if necessarily very democratic and/or morally/ethically right.

One example is how Ronald Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis.
Another is how the majority is/was against Gay rights and marriages.
By that logic, we could vote on executing all people who put an underline after a Doctor title!

Another example is Angela Merkel.
Her party holds about 30 - 40 percent of all votes and with that she says, we are the strongest party and therefor we should govern. The majority of all Germans don’t want her. They don’t like her politics. The majority is on the left side of the spectrum and I am sure that if they had run the show for the past 12 years, there wouldn’t be a AFD Alternative Fascist Democrats in Germany.


This is nothing more than idle speculation.

You work with what you have. Are you saying he should have spent his valuable campaign time calling for a more “morally right” election system? Good luck to any candidate who goes with that strategy.

OK, your argument seems to be falling apart here.


What does morality have to with the electoral college and federalism?

What are you even saying?


I’m not arguing, it’s a thought experiment. And there’s probably a lot of scientific data which correlates political popularity with current economic health.
I think folks are very foolish to subscribe ‘success’ to single individuals


i was using my Cap’n Crunch decoder ring on most of the spiel, but the ring suddenly vaporized on that last sentence. Strange.


I agree. It also means that it’s very foolish to ascribe ‘failure’ to single individuals.

It’s why the anger in the US - and among Europeans with strong opinions about the US - can’t be ascribed to a single individual, even when that person is President Trump.


Which is why she just stepped down or pushed by her own party.


After more than 12 years of doing so!


Which is why the president can only have 2 four year terms. What’s the issue? 4 years is a good amount of time for another assessment. Why’s everyone getting their panties up in a bunch. They got another shot in 2020. The dems are the ones to blame, it’s like they want to lose 2020 by a huge landslide this time acting like babies. Really push me off their side. Worst case he’s out after 2024. What exactly is trump doing that is so bad?

I find it funny people are calling trump some kind of fascist tyrant when other countries like Germany can let Merkel be chancellor for so long.