Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


Really, I guess you filter out what you want to hear.


He’s a public mumbler.


Sounds like what you’re doing. What has he done? You’ve yet to say anything.


Clinton? Ring a bell?


BTW, because he’s never caught means he’s clean.



George the VI stutters and was still able to be a public speaker.

Again, I find the way he speaks is the example of an awful president laughable. Are you people hearing yourself! He bumbles damn it! Hes bad! Can’t you see!!!


Do you hear yourself?! Could also be aliens on the moon, just because it’s not caught doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Clinton? What about Clinton?

Policy, policy, policy. No one can come up with anything substantial lol.


You been a English teacher I remember reading, so if one of your pupils produced a sentence like the one I quoted above you would find him to be a good speaker ?


You’re completely missing the point. If he wasn’t a good speaker, he wouldn’t be speaking to packed houses at every one of his rallies.


It’s about speaking style, reading the crowd, keeping attention and how you say thing, like hitting points hard when you see it fit and the crowd into it. It would be if they were doing that.

Ok, but let’s just go with him being a poor speaker. That’s the thing that you have against him? Wow.


So what? How many elections have the US interred with? Hundreds. It is part of the great game. :cowboy_hat_face:


no, dont put words in my mouth.


You’ve had the plateform to say anything, I even asked for it.

Then you said he made a bad appointment, that might be guilty of something just because nothing was ever found doesn’t mean there’s nothing. How do you think the vetting process works. One of my best friend who’s an intelligence analyst in the US had to list friends who are forigne nationals, or else he can’t contact them. The FBI vetted me, my teachers and neighbors. No joke, so I can be on the list of people he can communicate with. I’m sure they were more thorough with him. He’s had multiple high profile positions, vetted multiple times.

Second thing you mentioned was his speech…


I think you are mixing me with some other poster


My bad on the first part.

But I’ve yet to hear much but he mumbles from you.


So I find it annoying I cannot understand what he is saying. I mean, I do understand the words but to me its alphabet soup. Much of what he says, even if you take your time really read it, it often doesn’t make sense or it might be contradictory.

Now, is the above the only thing I have against him? No, but it is one thing.


Packed? Not anymore, depends on the position of the cameras and viewpoint. The seats behind him are packed with … uh, well his ‘base’ crowd.



I dont think this is true, I think his events are still packed.

What good the events do though I dont know, as me at least, I have trouble understanding what he is saying.


The MSM does its best to deceive with camera angles, but there are always people waiting outside the rallies who never get seats.