Do we not pay our equal share?




Let’s just say the women are kind of similar to the men, except one does the paying and the other does the sponging…and I’m not talking about sponge baths.


my gf was talking to me about this sort of thing. as some of her friends like to go to those wine bar ktvs or whatever it is. i think the guys just like splashing around money and showing off. makes them feel manly or whatever.
she also said if you are a fat an ugly girl you better pay for yourself LOL.


You probably don’t run in the same circles so I’ll tell you. I go out every weekend or every other weekend. My friend will pay for drinks for hot girls all the time. He goes home alone. I also have girl friends that I know well that will go out to get free drinks and then go home alone cause they just want free drinks in a nice atmosphere…


Grasshopper, let me tell you about the birds and the bees…

“Sexual capital is the social value an individual or group accrues, as a result of their sexual attractiveness. As with other forms of capital, sexual capital is convertible, and may be useful in acquiring other forms of capital, including social capital and economic capital.”

She has sexual capital, you have economic capital, two of you going there is social capital.
Her sexual capital gets her your economic burn-out in a social event.
Your economic capital gets you her companionship in a social event.
The dude social event was fired by her sexual charm and your economic thing.


There are plenty of nice girls to be found at cafes , bookstores, at the bus stop, everywhere. You don’t have to be at clubs. Besides they often look less nice in the naked light of DAY :slight_smile:


Well, he’s a cow doctor and his best friend is a talking raccoon, on point assumption.

Easy to say your friend paying for the bill is the minority of minorities. It’s not common for people, not guys, but people, to front the bill and get nothing back. Whether it would be a to seal a business agreement, get some girl to give you her LINE or to get laid, not many people voluntarily pay for people’s bills for no reason, let alone pay for the bill on a weekly basis.

I guess your friend just likes to flaunt how much money he has or really really really enjoys seeing everyone just have a good time.


I don’t think I explained it well. My friend will buy girls drinks AND ask for their Line but thats about it if she doesn’t reciprocate interest. I’ll add that he is always successful in securing a date the day after or weekend after. I agree my friends are in the minority but thats the people I hang out with. Most of my friends pay for drinks to make it easier to talk to hot girls. And for whoever says this is dumb try going to the top night clubs/bars with your stingy wallets and see how much success you have.


Wait… are you saying that those wankers who show off their money are just wankers? :scream:


There are guys who are just attractive, or have something, or connect with certain girls… not everyone needs a fat wallet for conquering girls in clubs, but I’ll give you that probably girls who club here are more in the slut side than in Europe or USA. To club is not “normal”, otherwise with the overpopulation you have here in Taiwan, there wouldn’t be enough clubs for all the guys in the clubbing age. And clubs are plagued with foreigners… so do the math.


How are clubs plagued with foreigners? You even been to Omni, Elektro, Chess, Frank, Pong, Kor?

More taiwanese than foreigners.


Well, if it were otherwise it would be really weird, right?


Oh Sorry I misread your original comment, you mean to say there are a LOT of foreigners in clubs but not more than Taiwanese.

My original point is that the situation that the OP faced is not out of the norm.


It’s pretty common in Taiwan for guys to split the bills.


You’re joking. More money hungry yes, definitely no more slutty than any European or American clubs I’ve been to lol.


Same here.


Also want to point out that entry to Omnia in Vegas is 80 USD and you get no drinks.

So paying 132 USD for getting to be able to sit at a table, drinks and talking to girls seems not outrageous to me



OP is complaining he paid more than his equal share of the bill. Not complaining about paying too much at a club for drinks/entry.

You also compared Sin City, a world tourist attraction and one of the biggest gambling cities in the world to…Taipei.


I reckon the guys who are going home alone at the end of the evening might make more progress if they didn’t refer to the girls who aren’t sleeping with them as “sluts”. Just a thought. :idunno:


Whilst that is probably true, I don’t think the post I quoted or any other post here has said that their looks/money/charisma/whatever has failed them lol. But I guess we’re going off on a tangent on the OP.