Do you hate your coworkers?

In reply to the topic - absolutely

Maybe, if they were in the 3rd grade.

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You mean crisps?


I thought your lot called them shingles.

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American English school - potato chips. Regardless cookies isn’t correct and they’re not correct them.

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Biscuits. I keep them in my boot for emergencies

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Fair point. :+1:t2:

Thems either all over your roof or all over your skin.

I don’t imagine dainty fingers.

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Me but add in 20 rabbits bothering me eating

My work once AGAIN gave me food they 100% know I cannot eat. Plus the fact I’ve told them not to get me food. It’s wasteful as hell. It’s not like it’s a giant school with 274749 foreign teachers either.

They must really value me. /s

I wouldn’t say HATE them, but they annoy me.

The next to me is nosey and bitches about the AC been too loud. Others just kinda get in my way – using the sink when I want to. Using the microwave when I want to. Coming into the cubicle next to mine when I’m having a shit.

I miss working from home.

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Yes with the A/C!! It’s like they want us to smell their BO while we all die from heat stroke.

I noticed a lot of Taiwanese people lack awareness. From what I read on the forum it used to be worse? Lol

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I’ve just realized I’m the OP of this thread.

Just and update, I’ve solved the problem. I now just fire them if I hate them :joy:


Although I might have reason to, I do not hate any of my coworkers. As far as I can tell, at least in academia, there are a few different types of colleagues. For each set of circumstances, there are a (favorable) and b (unfavorable) outcomes:

  • 1a- they respect you, but might fear or envy you because of your skill set, experience, or connections
  • 1b- they resent you, for the same reasons above
  • 2a- regardless of your performance, they have hidden/ unresolved conflicts with other coworkers which results in you being an asset/on their side
  • 2b- same as about however, based in their alliances, you are prejudiced against
  • 3a- they care nothing about you and tend to make decisions in your favor when it suits them (possibly to curry favor)
  • 3b- they care nothing about you, but often make decisions to your detriment if they have a chance to promote themselves
  • 4a- they are realistic, recognizing your pros and cons, and if they do or say anything, it’s a stab in your face (not likely lethal)
  • 4b- they are realistic, recognizing your pros and cons, and if they do or say anything, it’s a stab in your back (more likely to be lethal)

I’ve experienced all, moving from a contract position (all of the above) to a tenure position (mostly 1a and 4a, so far).

Wish me luck. :crossed_fingers:

P.S. In non-university settings, the “hidden crush” was apparently a factor… :man_shrugging:


Do men have to deal with other male coworkers being rude or whatever strictly because you’re attractive?

Definitely happens to women here and in the US.

@KongTaigi Good luck :blush:

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Do you mean attractive people being rude or being the recipient of rudeness?

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Sorry I phrased it weird. I meant attractive males being the recipient of rudeness.

It probably happens. Insecurity does not discriminate against age or gender.

Haters are just insecure people who feel they have to dump on others to make themselves feel better.

If only they spent more time focusing on their own good qualities, accepting themselves and understanding that there’s always someone bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, etc., then they probably would not feel the need to be rude to others.

Haters gonna hate, you know?

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If feminists understood what men suffer. Feminists would be human rights advocates.