Do you have an invasion plan?

This is meant to be a light hearted thread

A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is unlikely to happen at any one time, but I think there is a good chance it might happen within my lifetime, especially if China continues growing the way it has been for the last decade. This thread is not to discuss the likeliness of an invasion, it is to discuss what you would do if it were to happen.

Would you stay in Taiwan? Would you take your family to the countryside to wait for everything to blow over? Do you have an evacuation pack ready to go? If so what’s in it? I have a small pack with some essentials such as passports, 台胞證, a physical map, and various currencies including Chinese RMB, US dollar and TWD.

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I think there is a similar thread to this one already…


I haven’t been able to find one.

If there is, link it. Mods feel free to delete or merge.

I don’t have a pack yet, but have been thinking about what to put in one recently. Passports, currencies, walkie talkies. Physical map not necessary since you can download offline maps to your phone. Id probably go to the countryside.

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I’m going to invade China.


Um, take a physical map. You can bet that internet will be down. that’s probably the first thing to happen: even before an invasion.

Internet and phone system


I don’t know. No point thinking about it as vast majority of us are totally unprepared for significant disaster like this.

I don’t know if I even want to stay in Taiwan now, let alone wait for some invasion. Taibaozheng wouldn’t be worth much if it comes to a hot war with China.

Besides what if the invader isn’t China? What if it’s someone else?

Taibaozheng is a Chinese issued identity document, so if China was controlling Taiwan’s borders, it would be more useful than an ROC passport, in my opinion.

Here it is.


If China controlled Taiwan taibaozheng would have been required anyways. Plus you’re already second class citizens.

You can merge if you want, but I think the topics are not quite the same. I would specifically like to know how people are preparing for an invasion.

Iirc, there are some quite specific plans in the thread.

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Okay, up to you.

Btw, I cannot merge anyway.

The specific plan was @the_bear or @Rocket’s, iirc, but I’m not very sure.

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Who else could it be? Liechtenstein, Angola, Vanuatu???

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Bend over, put my head between my legs, and kiss my ass goodbye. :kissing:



I wonder if there would be rich Taiwanese trying to get to the Philippines or Japan on hired boats.
If they were aware the CCP were coming beforehand, they would have flown out anyway.
If I knew they were coming, I would be on a flight out ASAP. Would non Taiwanese be rounded up into camps and deported? Any wealth would be seized.

That flexible, huh?


OK, I think, this thread is OK then, as long as people are not starting to talk about fighting the Commies, then it should probably merged.

Personally, I think my plan will be to get money transferred to overseas, then make sure to have weeks of supplies, and then sit it out and hope it’s over soon. Don’t think I will flee the rock, probably not going to be able anyway.