Do you have the world's most sexy accent

I get the indian accent. but can someone explain the attraction to irish? No offense to the people, i love the Irish, but…seems in the league of newfie, welsh, scottish and the like.

Thankfully most people dont find love based on accents. At least i dont think they do?

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Because people doing these survey only asked people of European descent. They’re very eurocentric and if you asked people of european descent, they are only going to name European countries.

India, bangledesh, even south Korea is simply not in their world so therefore is not even a choice when surveying what country has the sexiest voice.

You ask indians you’ll have different answer, you ask an Egyptian and you will have different answer too. So you can’t say sexiest in the world. You can say sexiest according to the worldview of European descent. Or just say sexiest according to countries who participate in Eurovision song contest.

Yeah I don’t get the attraction either, but everything Irish has always been very popular.

Ok. Let’s make a question with 200+ choices, most of whom they haven’t even heard of or even able to distinguish from and see if they even reply or if they rip the paper in frustration

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Then be honest and not use misleading titles such as the world.

Call it sexiest voice of all G20 countries.

It’s not misleading. It’s redundant to include information your target demographic is unlikely to ever encounter.

Read between the lines. It’s not the BBC’s responsibility to ensure every single word has an asterisk giving a lengthy disclaimer because the occasional autistic person reads it ultra-literally.

It’s supposed to be a light hearted article. Not a peer reviewed study.

Have you been to England recently. Quite a few Indians and Asians (what they call South Asians) live there (both immigrants and born there) so from the immigrants (many of the ones born there have better English than others !) the English do get exposure to their various accents as well many other immigrants from yes the EU but also MANY other places.

Yea, but in a country where there are gianormous nationalism, do you seriously think most respondents will say immigrants are desirable? We got Britain leaving the EU because they didn’t want foreigners in the UK. So I seriously doubt they would ever favor those whom the nation has essentially said are inferior.


Was wondering if anyone else caught that. Pretty good burn…

Very true !

The UK is full of immigrants, most that do well quietly.

In Liverpool now, was told in Manchester the accent in Liverpool was not easy to understand. so far i found no differences, too me all Northern English sound.

The (what I think is) the Hakka MRT announcement of Yuanshan on the red line always sounded cute to me.

I find the Welsh accent can be very nice to listen to, especially in a female voice, but it’s very hit or miss. Not sexiest, though.

I met a Parisian girl in Iceland who spoke very good English, but she had a bit of a stutter or something which made her make an audible gasp before she started speaking. Imperfections are attractive. Anyway her boyfriend didn’t appreciate how well the conversation was going.

The Manchester accent feels very homely and warm, Liverpool can be a bit more colourful in terms of tone. Some of the Liverpudlians I’ve met and known have said things that one would consider violent or extremely offensive if it was written down, but spoken it’s interpreted as very endearing. Great cities, both of them.

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I find the sexiest answer to “Is my accent the sexiest?” to always be No. humble is much sexier. But I am from the land of no accents :frowning: Only cram schools like our “accent”. But when it comes to Welsh, HARD no lol. Especially my family members, dear lord lol. Not sure who is harder to understand, the Scottish or welsh elders in the family. Literally nearly like a language I have not studied. There must be a gradient though. I do believe in your sexy Wales. (had to fix that autocorrect a couple times :innocent:)