Drinking Water

Just wondering what you do for drinking water?
I’ve been getting water from the 加水站s for over a year because I thought you could drink it, but I only just recently noticed that they all have signs that say not to drink it without boiling. But why bother getting that water then? Is it any different to boiling tap water? I was told people put it in their water machines at home.
Well I haven’t been getting sick from it, and I imagine anything worse wouldn’t care whether or not you boiled it. What do you do?

Bottled for years. Now boil and Brita. Saved money, time shopping, pain carrying bottles home, and much less plastic bottle waste.

Reverse osmosis. Can’t go wrong. No need to boil and better than boiling.


in the south, you’ll see these water stations.
left (cheapest): charcoal filtered
right: stone filtered, used for making tea, cooking, etc.
middle (most expensive): my wife thinks like Calcium-added or something (Chinese says “hi-tech, monthly maintenance” - for whatever that’s worth)

That water has most of the arsenic and heavy metals removed, but it hasn’t been treated for biologicals like Giardia etc. That’s what boiling takes care of.

Taipei has similar water stations and other types like this for example I saw the other day.