Drug use in Taiwan 2021, an issue?

There are some bad apples everywhere but very, very few people smoke weed. Believe me if they did they would end up on the news.

This simply isn’t true

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the idea that people can’t possibly smoke weed (or do other drugs) secretly is so laughable i’m not even sure it deserves a response


The idea that people have to use drugs in secret is laughable.

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so that’s why it is on the news?

I don’t see prostitutes on the street much here either. That doesn’t mean there is no prostitution. Etc., etc. Lots of things don’t happen out on the street here.

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Go to Lung shan temple area, I will hook you up with a good un. Under 60 years of age guaranteed, English speaking to basic conversational level, tip not required.

Well its a good way to avoid the clean living education camp. :grinning:


It is quite prevalent “on the streets”. The reason most foreigners dont notice it is because thge anphetims here are ultra clean and pure compared to most people. There is a joke here about truck drivers getting their breakfast off a mirror :wink:

What taiwan doesnt have is a homeless problem nor a huge issue with impurities/contamination in their drugs. there isnt go massive poverty issue etc. Thus, not much crime or drug problems. Just addiction. This is an important distinction that isnt made enough.

Did you go there?

There are drug problems. I’d argue that a majority of adult men over 50 here are alcoholics. And smoking (cigarettes) is something so “cool” to do that I see a lot of high schoolers (in their uniforms) smoking all the time. I’d rather weed be legalized. People who are high are so chill. Alcoholics just keep wanting to 乾杯 and get so aggressive. And plenty of people have already brought up that binglang is so bad for you (mouth cancer years after you stop chewing it), and it doesn’t even do anything for you other than make your teeth look like shit while you chew it


are you omnipresent?

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No, but I think it’s laughable that a bunch of people who didn’t even go there are trying to argue with someone, meaning me, who graduated from there.

Just because you graduated from there doesn’t mean that you know everything that happens.

Context means a lot here: e.g. What decade did you attend? Did you have any friends? etc…

Just because you attended and didn’t know anyone doing drugs, does not mean nobody there has ever done drugs.


I certainly know more than you do about it. Do you even know anyone who went there?

And it was just a few years ago. I graduated in 2017, not 1987.

You know more about doing drugs secretly than I do?

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Assuming that you weren’t just omniscient at NTU, have you considered that your experience there might not have been the absolute, complete reality?

Given the sentiments you expressed in the morgue thread (now temped), I wouldn’t be surprised if the cool kids hid their drugs when they heard you marching down the hallway with a flashlight and a whistle looking for contraband and miscreants. They might not have told you. :whistle:


In @Gain 's defense, when I first moved here, the subject of LGBT(?) came up in one of my adult classes. Quite a number of the 8 or so people were adamant that there were no gay/lesbian people in Taiwan. I can imagine he’s not looking for it so he doesn’t see it, when it comes to drugs. The fact that 50k people got busted last year might not register that that’s a fraction not the whole of the people involved.


Does this mean NTU’s anti drug abuse campaign is pointless or incredibly successful?


It might not have been the absolute, complete reality, but it was a reality, whereas you don’t have any reality beyond your guesses.

Junkies are not cool kids here. They are bad kids.

I definitely know college life in Taiwan way more than you do.

I can imagine that you never went there nor do you know anyone who did.

Every school is required by law to have anti-drug abuse campaigns. It has nothing to do with the practices.