Earthquakes 2017


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There are reports of 5 Taiwanese trapped in a collapsed building, but generally speaking, no reliable information on the situation of thousands of taishan in Mexico city alone.


Earthquake now?!


I think I felt long low-level shaking in Danshui.


Was wobbling all over in Zhonghe.


5.7 off of the east coast. Shallow so felt all over the island


Felt very strange, this one. Almost eerie, like being on a boat. The shaking wasn’t violent, but consistent gentle waves and lasting a good minute or so.


On the eve of 921…


Oh hell no. :tired_face:


The mexico quake happened on the same day as their big one in 85 too I thought


I’m sitting and urinating and wondering is it me or an earthquake?

Then I look down and see the earthquake indicator, the water is moving.

Maybe too much information but there is a lesson to be learned from this story


Just to make things a bit more eerie: I got a cell phone alert regarding a quake drill… Today.



At 9:21 on Sept. 21…sometimes the Taiwanese obsession with numbers borders on the morbid.


Well, there we go …

Too few earthquakes in Taiwan so far to release energy: CWB


One Taiwanese woman rescued from the rubble of their fallen office. One Taiwanese man found dead. Still 3 Taiwanese missing who were working in the same building.


Actually as Taipei guests we already mentioned a couple time to each other. (wife and me). Where are these earthquakes compared to last years. Means slow shakes. mmmmm…
Sometimes you felt some, but now not any…

Same with out god of spinning wheels, but that is a different topic.


There is a place called mud volcanoe (mi huo shan) in kiaosiung. The guide there said that before an earthquake or typhoon the mud volcanoes would be empty of mud.


So what’s going on? Ring of fire activity, Yellowstone supervolcano scare, fracking in US, regular earthquakes where there are usually none. I’m no geologist, enlighten me.


So… the ring of fire is acting up, and Mt Agung in Bali ir about to blow. There have been some minor(?) quakes in this area this week and… should we start to worry? I mean, is there anything indicating that this something global?


And one more time. Mexico is fucked up!