Earthquakes 2018


A funny news article

Japanese villagers?


Only a day drinker would say they have not been day drinking.


Hmm, you’ve got a point.


I actually did feel that last one. My sticky ball aim was off on my last throw… .

And according to this. .

We have had more quakes this week than in both September and October of 99’ combined. (111) If the information is actually accurate


One thing I noticed. Most of the quakes in 1999 come on OR after the Jiji quake of 21 Sept. There were not many precursors to it.


That looks safe.


According to a German news article the latest death toll is 4. Injured 225. Missing 145.

I hope it will not get that bad:


Latest numbers show 5 dead and only 82 missing. But injured keeps rising.

Rescue efforts stopped due to heavy rain.


Good god - thanks for posting that about the 1951 East Rift Valley earthquakes. Er, maybe “thanks” isn’t quite the right term. I didn’t realize that sort of seismic activity happened.


Cool. Now they can get back to business and charge extra for the special features.


Quake count must be up into the 100s by now. Is there anyway to see a full list? only shows the last 20, which is normally fine, but these are abnormal times…




@Nuit Full list in my post

Devided in blocks of 20 and magnitudes 5+ are bold.

Total in Hualien County for this month: 202


thanks! wasn’t aware of the seismicity page.
that’s just a crazy list of tremors.


If you were/are scheduled to fly to/from/through Taipei, like many of us for CNY, United Airlines just sent me an email that flights during this period can be rescheduled for free.


So was that another one just now, or am I simply at the point where I’m imagining quakes?


It sure felt like it!


That’s where I am, if I’m swaying on my chair I think there’s an earthquake happening…


I work in the 101 and a minute ago they announced there was an earthquake and they are inspecting the building. I did not feel a thing, but there is a huge damper in this building. Anyone feel anything?


As posted, I can’t tell anymore but I thought there was one just now…