Earthquakes 2018


I honestly feel like I’m feeling one every 5 minutes now but I can’t tell anymore if I’m imagining it


Just check the CWB website and see if there was one ^^


Thanks - it is helpful to have 3 quick tips that should be easy to remember when the next quake hits.
On Sunday night we took the stairs down to the street level, but once outside, everyone and everything was business as usual. So we were saddened to learn the quakes last night resulted in casualties and major damage in Hualien.


A bit of bumpiness.


I could feel that one too.




The bumpy ride continues. Seems like is leading up to something big…just a feeling.


I read that one theory is that these quakes are happening where two fault lines meet. Each time one happens, it causes the other plate to slip a bit, and it happens again in reverse. Each time setting the other plate off. I also read that the quakes are starting to traverse southward down the long fault on the east coast.

When I look at the reports, to me it just looks like a tight cluster of quakes all in the same place.

One guy is even saying there is an under sea volcano there and it may erupt.

So many theories bouncing around, but nobody really knows.

I just want it to end. Enough already!


Enough already is right. Haven’t been counting but must be over 20 noticeable earthquakes (not to mention the biggie) at our house in last few days.


So far the tally is over 230 quakes since February 1st in Hualien.

In contrast, the entire month of February in 2017 only had 30 quakes in Hualien.


12 in the past 3 hours. . just relentless


Holy crap…'




Yep in Hsinchu 23:22


Here I was thinking we were overdue.

Gotta wonder how that building is holding up in hualien


I got the text message a good 2 seconds before things started to shake.


Man when is this going to stop?


Just walked out of the hall john at 23:22 and heard the living room clock clicking on the wall. Room didn’t seem to be moving too bad until I sat down. At that point I could feel the building moving back and forth laterally, but no up and down.


No alert received here. I´d say that it was shaking more than yesterday, although it was shorter.

I’m not going to top off the aquariums these days…


Shake, rattle and roll baby!
That was a loooong ride!
5.8 Hualien
2 Taipei
But felt stronger.