Earthquakes 2020

位於臺東縣成功鎮, Chenggong to be more specific.

Head up folks—Taiwan’s annual 9/21 disaster drills are scheduled tomorrow (i.e. on Monday September 21). Among other things:

text message will be sent to people’s mobile phones at 9:21 a.m., warning them to “duck, take cover and then hold still,” the [Ministry of the Interior] said in a Facebook post Sunday.

A tsunami warning will also be tested, with sirens sounding across the country between 10 a.m. and 10:10 a.m., the ministry said.




Oof, thanks for that warning. There’s a decent chance I’ll be cycling along the coast tomorrow morning, and those sirens would be terrifying!


Fake earthquake
0 on the richter scale :stuck_out_tongue:


And another one at 10.

Was there an earthquake or not? I got the phone alert, but didn’t feel anything.

Just a drill. System test.


Boy, I hope this is likely-to-come-true Icon prediction refers to another drill at 10 o’clock, and not to a quake at 10 on the Richter scale.


I think the highest recorded quake ever is a 9.5 (and the distant second is a 9.2), so a 10.0 on the Richter scale would probably be a Press F for everyone living on this island (and Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Shanghai, etc. would probably get hit bad too).

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An activity that practices a particular skill and often involves repeating the same thing several times


Icon has survived an 8 pointer. If there was anything stronger coming up, I’ll let you know loud and clear.

10 am was the tsunami warning.


Forget about the 10. A seven.five in Taipei and it’s goodnight Vienna.

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Oh yeah, 10 is seriously catastrophic; according to the USGS, it’s not possible (no fault is large enough), but I guess the study discussed in The Japan Times has a different opinion.

I vaguely recall an article discussing theoretical causes of even bigger “quakes”; the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs would have been around 12. I think around 16-17 the Earth becomes an asteroid belt. But causes of anything like that are coming from the skies, not from under our feet.

Ha, terrifying quote from the article about the Dino-killer: “As a geophysicist later put it to Brannen, ‘a magnitude 11 to 12 earthquake at any one location would feel like a magnitude 9 earthquake everywhere else on the planet.’”


6 pointer up we’ll have liquefaction. Adios mis flores.

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She should have written 10:00. Problem solved.


My (fantastic!) grade 7 teacher, Mr. Smith, was obsessive about including units after numbers and would often fail us for test questions if we forgot to include “cm2” or whatever at the end. I think it speaks well of him that he successfully trained me to have the same obsession!


Centimetres Squared


Am I missing an easy way to do superscript, or is a joke whooshing over my head? If we said the area of the circle was 5.7, we’d lose lots of points for that question. He wanted us to write 5.7 cm2, centimeters squared. (Edit: yeah, what Marco said.)