Earthquakes 2023

@tommy525 , Happy New Year!

from quakeprediction dot com

Woh right near me too
Dang hope it happens 1000 years later and not a day sooner


4.4 did not propagate much

~4.6 south Taiwan

nothing really felt in Taichung

Little shakey 8f Khh

Huh, I’m on 7th floor didn’t notice a thing

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tbf my wife noticed it before me. usually it’s the other way around…


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first woohoo. Tinyquake.jpg

Thought I felt a tiny wobble a few minutes back.


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Death toll at more than 1,000 in Turkey, about 650 in Syria - officials

Awful. The amount of devastation and loss of life from this quake is insane. Hope people can be dug out quickly - sounds like tons of help is on the way.

It’s also a super dangerous situation where damaged high rises could still come down from new aftershocks.


CNN has been showing some aerial views taken by drones. Block after block, whole neighborhoods, hospitals, facilities gone to rubble.

Worse enemy is the cold. They are suffering through a storm.

And talking about suffering, Syrian refugees mostly affected.

Taiwan has committed assistance and even has been mentioned as one of the helpers in foreign media.

2.300 death toll so far as per BBC.



Earthquake? No other comments. I guess the wife farted.

It also woke me up in Taipei.

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Let’s just hope that this morning’s 5.1 tremble 34.4 NE of Hualien is the only Turkish Aftershock that is felt here. (In 1999 the 921 Earthquake followed a similar Earthquake in Turkey 5 weeks earlier).