Eating at 7-Eleven

Have you tried a non-convenience store version of the same dish?

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Fair enough. Then start your own “Eating at Family Mart” thread! :rofl:


No, but would like

Depends on the broth you use to make it. Make it with water, of course it will be bland.

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90% of this thread is already congee related. Just feel like we need to live in the moment and accept life for the way it is. That is basically what the Dao De Jing is about

I’m eating it now. It’s very good.


Does it have enough preservatives?

I didn’t look.

It’s will keep you from spoiling after this life.

To be fair, this is the “eating at 7-Eleven” thread. I think many of us would be surprised if there were not many preservatives.



I’ve been enjoying the $59 chicken breast. It’s in a sealed package. I’ve had the garlic and spicy versions. I simple heat and eat. No bread or anything else - eat it right out of the package just pushing the breast up into my mouth for bites. Really tasty and of course healthy. The pork cut sandwiches are great as are the tuna fish and egg salad sandwich


I’ve eaten too many 7-11 chicken breasts, because work out. Honestly can barely manage to eat them now

Yes, it’s new to me but it is great and easy - pure protein. It’s so easy on the digestive system as well. A very simple and good meal with a sandwich. Here are my recent numbers

It’s called sous vide. Vacuum packed/sealed slow cooking at low temperature.

I’ve considered the 7-11 chicken breast for an easy source of protein. Is it also choc full of preservatives?

My usual fare with a tea egg. Took me long long time to try a 7/11 sandwich, compared to western ones there tiny and soggy in pure white bread, however one try and hooked.



Na, I don’t think so. Just a sous vide chicken breast

I have a boiled egg and a Seven chicken breast for breakfast. I fucking hate eating breakfast, but the wife insists. All protein, I suppose.

Wye, hear, off coarse.