El Sabroso on Tingzhou Road - awesome Mexican food!



Actually, Mexican tacos are the same in Texas and Mexico. Small and lots of flavor. We call it Mex mex vs Tex mex. I’ll be home in time for Christmas tamales! I’m not intending to educate. I think every part of the world has something very good about it, just different. Overall, El Sabroso has something different than what I’ve tried in the Mexican immigrant part of Dallas that I know. I’ve never eaten a burrito or nachos in Mex mex Dallas. Enchiladas, tortas, tacos, ceviche are common. Mexico is also a very big diverse country so perhaps the owner of El Sabroso is bringing the cooking style he knows to Taiwan.


Still ‘mexplaining’ or should I say ‘texplaining’ :grin:

You think people outside Texas don’t know anything about Mexico?

I had a girlfriend from Mexico once…Let me tell you all about Mexican girls.

On second thoughts let’s not go there…


Sorry @Brianjones. I didn’t mean to offend you.


Too much of la chancla?


I find a light spanking can actually spice things up…


There is no light spanking with la chancla! Beware of la chancla!


I wanted to say I appreciated Aikaili’s review of her first visit to El Sabroso. As I noted above it sometimes takes a couple visits to figure out an ideal (for the eater!) combination of ingredients in the burritos and quesadillas. It’s worth the trouble to do so.

About why tacos are Tuesday only: you’ll have to ask the friendly staff, but I suspect this is a matter of time and labour. If Oscar could do this every day I’m sure he would. Aikaili: do try the tacos if you can!



OK, you forced my hand. Yes, I admit it. I like a good drubbing.


I will definitely go back. El Sabroso has really fresh and tasty food.


I didn’t get the slipper.
But she did burn my clothes.

Which I thought was a bit harsh just because I hadn’t called in three days.


Its okay lah. Good review.


Seems like most relationships with Mexican women involve them burning something like your clothes, your lawn, your house…


All I got was rug burn. :wink:


You’re very lucky if that’s all you got .


I wish they would open later than 7:00pm and have tacos on the weekend. Been wanting to go out there after work but it would close by the time I get there. Wonder why close at 7:00pm thats prime dinner hour


Your wish has been granted! They just announced that they will open until 8!


Is that the time they stop accepting orders or the time they kick you out?


Finally will see what it’s all about


From their FB:

Hi all~ We have extended our business hours to 8pm. We hope to make it more convenient for you to come enjoy El Sabroso Mexican food!


They also have piñatas now if you disagree