Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Blockchain and DAG are a new form of decentralised internet allowing efficient peer to peer lending, ‘fair’ gambling, auditing and supply chain transparency , data rights control, cheaper real estate purchases, support development of AI, machine to machine communication and practically free instant international payments.

Fail to see the tulip comparison.

Oh yeah and it’s going to make some of us rich. Like proper USD rich. That’s the real kicker for tulip lovers everywhere .


Cryptocurrencies themselves are technobaubles whose real use is to keep personal wealth beyond the grasp of the tax hounds, a use I largely support. It’s important to keep in mind though that the music will, by government decree, eventually stop and the get rich quick out of thin air euphoria will come crashing to earth.


Yah, finally bought some ETH on the drop yesterday, then as it continued to fall, argg,
switched it all to NEO near the bottom, up 50%

Had been looking at Neo since it was Antcoins, thanks to Brianjones for his explanation of what it was, I looked further and agree that this is gonna be good in the sort-term as there are many interesting ICOs coming up in the Neo ecosystem (is that the right term here?).


I put a small amount into HPB, looks pretty interesting. Mixing hardware acceleration with the blockchain.
Risk reward play. In same vein I still have some in Prl, XBY, Req, Act.

But solid plays should be ETH, Neo, Ven, Xmr, Nav.


If you would analyse the bitcoin chart it is still in a downward motion (making lower lows.)


Yes I don’t have a cent in BTC. If BTC can go down slowly we will be okay as Ethereum and others should take up the slack.


Forget “lower lows” and all that Jazz…

This is a whole new world of investing. Throw out your Trading for Dumnies book throw it in the recycling bin


You my son have not yet seen the light. I too was once blind but now I can see


See you on the other side, sensei.


I’m.certainly not denying there’s still a lot of shillcoins and froth in the market .
I am accepting the reality of that and I think that it will boom even harder in 2018.

There will probably be a few more crashes in 2018 and the USDT risk is possibly the biggest one. Tron shooting back up so much isn’t a great sign . Tron should be dead in the water right now.

I promise myself that this time I will stick a certain amount in cash on the exchange during the good times and I don’t intend personally to invest much more as I hope (and this is slightly pyramidal scheme yes ) that the increased interest from the masses will cause the total marketcap to lift the boats of those of us who got in relatively early (as in now) up high.


Everything is awash in urine, lust, greed and regulator envy.


Publishing a book of poetry we’re not aware of? I like it


anyone around the taipei area have a small lab/warehouse for mining? looking for a place where i can help with rent/contribute with my rigs/miners. wife not really open to the idea of potentially burning the apartment down :blush:


Guys only 100 million Neo in existence.
4% a year guaranteed dividend.
Massive developer community , resources and support all over the world .
Asia leader and only second behind Ethereum.
The train is leaving the station.


We have 3x300A here and a company electricity rate.


How does the 4% dividend work ?


Its a form of Proof of Stake and many other platforms and coins are rushing to copy this model.

Gas dividend of min 4% year per every Neo held. Its a slick deal. Gas price moves at about 40-50% of Neo price.
Gas is the fuel that runs the network so dAPP users must purchase Gas. More dApps and more dApps usage more Gas required. More Gas required price goes up. That means Neo price goes up. When Neo price goes up Gas price goes up as well as it is 4% dividend.
Neo coin holders get to vote on the dividend structure .
It’s all here in green and white.

Do you see why Neo will quickly become a rare and coveted commodity?
100 million coins is 1/10 of most of the competitors coin issuance. Also most coins have an annual amount they will mine. Neo’s total number on the otherhand is fixed like Bitcoin. There will only ever be 100 million Neo. Supposedly the average holding is 50 Neo but of course many of the coins are held by founders or are being accumulated by ‘whales’ (it sounds conspriacy theoryish but I have actually observed the ‘whales’ using bots on the exchanges to suppress price in a precise range of 10 USD over a period of days and accumulate Neo). Certainly there are funds or individuals intent on accumulating Neo already to drive the price up.
There will be a demand/supply crunch with Neo that will cause it to rocket up at some point. As good investors and commodity dealers should know PRICING IS SET ON THE MARGINS BETWEEN DEMAND AND SUPPLY. This is not like stocks where you can just to do a stock split. There is no way to dilute Neo.

This is why I am very interested in PoS coins. Nav , Stratis, Ven…and more.
They have lower market cap so possibly more room to grow your funds as you can get in a bit earlier. For a small investment they have plenty of room to grow.

I’ve invested in Neo though cos it’s got a huge first mover advantage and excellent developer community and leadership council and aforementioned limited coin issuance.

PS Gas itself is much rarer than Neo.
Currently there is a circulating supply of 9 million Gas coins. Each Neo can mint only 8 Gas coins over the full lifespan of Neo coins (22 years).
Some think Gas price could skyrocket in the first few years as usage increases. It has a reciprocal relationship, you can read about it at I prefer holding Neo coins as I think people prefer to have ownership of a stock in general. After all Neo will be giving you that precious Gas for doing nothing at all!

If you analyse these numbers you may understand why I am slightly obsessed with Neo. :slight_smile:


Makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll go over the links and educate myself more. Thanks

Time to step on the GAS! and get this thing set up


Well…‘not financial advice’…but I’ve tried to crunch the numbers for folks.
I welcome people to poke holes in my analysis and question the logic.

As we saw yesterday there’s always a macro environment to deal with, but hey, crypto has survived many many crashes and attacks over the years and only gotten bigger and stronger every year as the technology and business models evolve very quickly!


Eh… I use CEX, I find it really fast for trading between currencies like bitcoin, ethereum and monero. I made some money out of it (which I am proud of myself of). Anyhoo, that is an affiliate link IF you guys are interested in it.