Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Its the exchanges , although most exchanges have much stronger security than this. It didn’t seem to have any impact on my coin value. We have been hit with a lot of negative news but still surviving. I’m sure more countries will introduce regulations soon. Ironically Japan has the most mature and regulated market for cryptocurrencies but this exchange was not licensed.

I use a hardware wallet for most of my holdings but I think it’s not ideal for most people.


Coincheck is covering the lost money. Nothing to see here. Move along. BUY BUY BUY!


Neo saving my ass AGAIN in the bear market. Devcon in San Fran this week. It will probably drop back a bit afterwards but we will see. I am not going to sell even one Neo for years. Its going to be printing me the sweet Gas.

Have a look at NAS and ENG folks. I think I will pick up a few of both.

Bullish news during the bear.


Kodakcoin will begin trading tomorrow. Will see how it trades up.



Eth certainly doing better than Btc this year.


…and in a bear market.


Interesting if it turns out to be true.
FB does need some new product to replace its own fake user accounts.




Easy with the “bear market” speak there sailor…

It’s been up and down pivoting round the 500 billion mark last few months…if anything crypto is still in a raging bull market


Bitcoin going back to $7500 soon…


Not for any of us who have entered in the last two months .It was something like 750 billion at all time high. BTC has had a record monthly drop since Jan 2015. Painful.

I’m one of the crypto heads that fall in the ‘hate bitcoin’ camp at this stage. It just sends the wrong message out and is practically useless as a payment currency. I’ve never held even a fraction of a bitcoin for more than an hour.

I could be badly underwater but was relatively lucky with my picks. Some people are looking at major unrecoverable losses already.

Could definitely get worse but shall have to get the hard crypto ‘stare’ on and ride it out .

Could also do a Mr bean and try and sleep until March.


You make a good point.

478 billion as of now…wow! big drop looks like the 500 billion mark not holding.

But by the time I’ve finished typing this it probably bounced back up to 600 billion…


Looks like folks are jumping into ETH now instead of Tether as a safe haven. This isn’t a bad trend at least.
BTC is a joke so unstable.


Oh where oh where have all the buyers gone…oh where oh where have they gone


It’s going to be monumental when ETH surpasses BTC market cap…could happen soon


Nearly all market players would agree that an over 50% drop in any price of any financial product from its peak represents a bear market. At best, consolidation or a dead-cat bounce is in order. The dead-cat bounce will entice a lot of people to get out with fewer losses.


“Market”…”financial product”…”bear market”…
We’re talking about those crypto things right?

Bear markets last a few years at least. But…we’re talking about those crypto things right?

If the S&P went from 200 in April to 4,000 in December and down to 2,000 in January, is that a raging bull market or a bear market? (We’re talking about those crypto things right :rofl:)



No wait…



The ChiComms are buying BTC now at 8888, bahahahaha