🇪🇺 Europe - Choosing last country on European trip

More shakshouka in Vilinus LT , I found its quite common now here now, hope somewhere in Southern Taiwan I can find it now my fav in Taitung is gone from what I hear,

This with feta (At first I though it was tofu) and not as spicy as in Estonia. Stopped ordering the English brekkie that a lot or returning Lithuanias make here as I can get it in Taiwan.

I started to see more Japanese back here in the Nordics.[quote=“Andrew0409, post:30, topic:220757, full:true”]

I’m also not sure where he is coming from.

Japan is the closest to Italy. Both have a very pure culinary philosophy, value craftsmanship, and are even quite similar phonically. A lot of Japanese people can actually pick up Italian quite well.

Similarities between Taiwan and central Italy are detailed in Fukuyama’s book.

He also explains how these similarities translate to similarities in industrial structure. It’s very interesting.

I do not see Italy anything like Taiwan. What city did you see in Italy that was like Taiwan from your travel?

I didn’t go to Italy, other than taking a shuttle from one airport to another.

My knowledge comes from Fukuyama’s research.

Haha, so true

I do not see how the book applies toa tourist. Where in Taiwan are you, the Taiwan I did as working holiday was quite unlike Nordics where I am from.